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DreamingDoll Shop Tiny Discussion

Mar 23, 2012

    1. I can't find specifically a tiny discussion for DDoll Shop so I thought I'd start one. Please feel free to remove this if I am wrong.
    2. *roots for bobo and hanbit*. I love that they come with option ears. I'd totally blush those up! It looks like the body on all 4 dolls are unisex. That's nice. Leaves room to make each sculpt into the gender you want. I'm really happy with the line.
    3. I love Bobo and Hanbit as well, very sweet dolls. I'd love to see some more pictures of the body and bald close-ups of the dolls with face-up like they did with recent releases. They are a great company, I love my Sally to bits and I'm definitely considering buying a tiny from them!

      Does anyone else think that MISO looks totally Volks-y? She reminds me of a certain mold, but I can't put my finger on it...

      Prices are totally reasonable btw, that's what I like about them. When I got my Sally, she came with not one, but two extra wigs as well.
    4. She does look a little Volks-esque. Not in a bad way. And Bobo looks a little Lati-ish. I don't know Volks or Lati well enough to make a judgement but they are still cute. And DDoll is a wonderful company. I asked for my Lia to come with Blue or Aqua eyes and they are going to send them with her! I'm so happy with their CS. I'm really considering one of these tinies. Hanbit probably because I love the sleepy/dreamy face.
    5. Hi guys, I love the Bobo and Miso sculpt. Are the option ears just plain like in the photos or are they going to be blushed at least. I'm just trying to imagine it. I hope somebody gets them, they're so cute.
    6. I'm officially saving up for Bobo! She's way too cute for words. I need her!!!
    7. That's great news EmbracedLight. I hope you save up soon as I can't wait to see an actual owners photo of Bobo. Yes she is too sweet, I can't blame you...I really want one for myself so badly. Do you own any yo-sd sizes by the way. I haven't done any research but I was wondering what other doll clothes would fit them, would they fit in Blythe's clothing? It would be nice if she would be able to wear some doll clothes that I have, it's a pain to buy a whole new wardrobe all over again :|
    8. She'd be my first tiny. I really don't know what to expect with her. I could get some Blythe clothes and see once she's here. And it is a pain to get new clothes. Lol
    9. ^ My Bobo's on shipping right now, I wonder what wig and clothing I got!
    10. I'll be getting a Bobo soon, but I wanted to know what hair and eyes people got when they ordered her, because I really love the wig she has in her photos and DDoll say they only have grey 12mm eyes. I'd love her to have some sort of colour, green or blue or something and that wig, but I'm really not sure if thats possible.

      Bobo will be my first doll, so I want to make sure everything is perfect. *stressing*
    11. I am planning to get a Hanbit. It will take a awhile for me to get her. Any other owners of this line?