dress form for dolls?

Jun 27, 2018

    1. has anyone ever thought about 3d scanning their doll and from that making a dress form from it by 3d printing it it seams like it would be such an accurate way of getting a nice dress form for your dolls in which you cant ruin it as i know with duck tape dummys you can accidentally cut or scratch the doll if your not careful. does anyone make dress forms for their dolls to make clothes?
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    2. If you already had the equipment I suppose you could use it that way. But if not, or if you don’t have experience with 3D modeling I can’t see how it would simplify it.
    3. The duct tape mannequin method is used because it's simple, effective, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, 3D printing is not simple or inexpensive, and if you're not experienced with modeling, it won't be very effective either. I think this would be an interesting experiment but probably nothing more than that. 3D modeling/printing is definitely one of those things that just looks considerably easier than it actually is.
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    4. If you have a friend who already has a 3D printer and knows how to create their own models, this is feasible, sure; a lot of people who have printers are just downloading open source plans, so just finding one isn’t enough. Otherwise, you’d be dropping a ton of money into a 3D printer, to the point you may as well just buy backup bodies for the dolls you might damage making dummies, and devoting a ton of time to learning CAD.
    5. 3D scanning and printing a dress form from your existing doll is considered recasting on this forum and is not allowed. It doesn't matter if you plan to keep it for yourself and not profit from it. You do not have permission from the original artist to remake their design.

      The only way this would be acceptable is if you got express permission from your dolls maker. The information would have to verified by the staff before it could be discussed or shown here.
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