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dress makers dummy/form for msd size

Mar 5, 2005

    1. I've seen a dreess makers form for SD sized dolls on volks website, but I was wondering if any companies out there produce one for msd size. It would be so much easier for me to deal with small garments and try them for fit if I had a form to work on,

      Failing that has anyone actually constructed a form themselves? and how did you go about it
    2. Volks does make an MSD-sized dressmaker's dummy. If you contact www.domuya.net and ask, they may be able to preorder one for you, since I do know that they are occasionally able to get hold of things not listed on their website.

      I would like one myself, but it's quite far down my list of things to buy, considering the cost. ^_^;
    3. Much cheaper, but probably quite unsafe for accuracy in dressmaking, unless you plan to only make stretchy or baggy items.

      I wonder why LUTS came up with a cloth body? ?_? It's kind of cute, though. Would make an interesting "life-sized" toy for a mini. =D
    4. I believe LovelyDoll has a cloth body as well... my understanding is that it's not meant to be a dress-maker's dummy, but is a temporary and inexpensive body to put your extra heads on. That way, you can have your bodiless heads on display and dressed up in clothing... a nice option for a company like Luts that sells extra heads separately.
    5. I have one that was sold as a novelty pin-cushion in a fabric/craft store a few years ago. I bought it on impulse prior to having any minis and then compared measurements after I purchased my (slim-mini) doll. They're pretty close.

      (I also have an SD-sized wood dressform that I bought at a flea market. No idea what its original purpose was.)
    6. I was in Walmart and saw a few different novelty dressform shaped pin cushions.
      Brand: Dritz
      Year: 2012
      Item Number: 11294

      There were several different fabric patterns, and two different stands.
      A round wood stand for $12.97, and a three legged metal stand for $10.97.
      I bought a wood one with orange flowery fabric.

      I have AOD 1/4 "MSD" sized dolls, and I hope to use this pin cushion for a dressform!
      It's almost exactly the same size as my doll!
      The stand is shorter than my dolls.
      I took her shirt and skirt, and tried them on the pin cushion, and they fit!
      I hope to use the pin cushion to make dresses, shirts, and skirts for my dolls!

      I can't find where to buy them online, even at Walmart.com and Dritz.com but here are pictures:
      Picture of Pin Cushion
      Another picture of Pin Cushion

      I hope this helps!
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Thank you!