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Dressing Spiritdoll Boys!

Jun 8, 2010

    1. I plan on making some clothing for my spiritdoll Firson, but I wanted to buy him some clothing too... anyone who owns a spiritdoll care to share where they find some clothing for their doll?
      thanks :)
    2. I just bought some model sized boots, glamor model pants and shirt from Dollmore for my naked Abies until I can make something better (ummhmm) I made sure to get the stretchy pants just in case --

      The boots fit perfectly, the pants fit very well -- a tiny bit long (but I like em long) and there's the gap. This gap is primarily because Dollmore only has one snap holding them closed and almost no extra cloth overlapping the fly area -- it doesn't pull terribly tightly around the pelvis area. I think this is more a flaw in the design than in the fit. If there was a zipper here it would have closed easily with the stretch fabric. Trying to think of the best way to solve this -- I thought of adding a couple more snaps, or even just sewing in a patch of black cloth behind the gap. Would also be nice with laced rivets.

      It's such an "almost" that I'm thinking of trying a pair of non-stretch from Dollmore also.

    3. Oh thanks, I was thinking about trying dollmore. Also, iplehouse but still not sure about the sizing. thanks again
    4. Bump! Dressing Spiritdoll Boys!
    5. by the way . . . I stuck a scrap of black glove leather inside his pants and voila -- no more gap, hehe!
    6. What about skinny pants for Dollmore model? Would it be too tight (just ordered some from dollmore go)
    7. I'll be interested to hear how it goes, misslolarose!
    8. bump for spiritdoll boys!
    9. Okay, I forgot I was getting a pair of dollmore model pants along with the shirt I bought for Abies -- they were a definite no-go, LOL -- they only made it to mid-thigh!
    10. doh... was it because the thighs were too thin on the pants? do you think if the seams were undone and sewed again theres enough fabric to salvage them?
    11. I think the legs seemed okay, it was his pelvis and waist. The glamor model pants are really a much close fit though, the snap even snaps.

      -- maybe undoing both outside seams and adding in a panel?
    12. Yeah, I really like the pants I got- the zebra print stretch pants- I think I'm going to undo the waist and add some black stretch fabric so you wont see too much of it when he has a shirt on.... yeaaah lol I hope it works out.. >.>
    13. maybe they'll be reaaaaallly nice and stretchy? :)
    14. Good to see that the Dollmore model shoes fit!! I was eyeing a few of them the other day. I'm currently browsing various places for clothes (Dollmore clothes are nice, but in mostly black, grey, or white it seems XD) so I'll add whatever I find that works. Though I don't know how useful it will be since I'll have the older body. XD
    15. I wonder where you can find the measurements for the old body... All I found was a picture >.<
    16. misslolarose: I found some measurements here that I believe are from the first body.
    17. Umm.. sorry, if I post this in the wrong topic, but I've got some questions to the Spiritboys' owners)
      I really fell in love with Acer, but when I saw a weight of my boy...and later that day found a big water canister of the same weight...it made me seriously think about my physical abilities...
      Well. The question is, whether the Spirits are really THAT heavy??!! (the rest of the dolls of the same size weigh much less..)
      Oh, and I have the shoes/clothes question as well) (so that it's not totally offtop ;)
      If on the site it stands "inner length 8,5 cm" - will those shoes fit? Or should they be at least 0,5 cm bigger?

      Thanx for answers in advance))
    18. How much do the Spiritdoll boys weigh? I love resin that weighs alot, even though my back doesn't.

      To stay on topic, does anyone know if Dollheart shoes fit these guys? I can't find measurements for their shoes anywhere. Also, maybe Iplehouse's new SID clothes (shirts mostly) fit them. Anyone know?
    19. I don't know the weight, but he's lighter and easier to manipulate than my EID Tedros for sure! The spiritdoll body poses awesomely also.

      Don't know about Dollheart shoes, but the Dollmore model shoes/boots are perfect.