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Dressing tinies.....

Apr 2, 2009

    1. Darn, I wish I had the tiny hands I once had when dressing my Barbie dolls! Does anyone have any tips for dressing these little ones? Especially doing tiny ribbons, buttons and bows. I tried using a crochet hook to help me tie tiny ribbons, but with limited success.
    2. Tiny bows are a real challenge but for tiny buttons I use hemostats, which are those forcep type things which I got on ebay. They are great for helping with all things that you need extra small hands for. Also they're great for restringing as you can lock them closed.
      Sharon in Spainxx
      PS I love your avatar, I used to have two Yellow Thighed Caiques.
    3. I am with you there Sharon, I use my haemostats for every thing they are like a tiny pair of fingers, xx
    4. Dressing tinies--you need
      hemostats or tweezers

      and I press everything with my iron to make nice, sharp folds--and you cannot avoid hand stitching, altho I use my machine for most of it. Here are my latest Puki dresses;

    5. I briefly used tweezers after mimistuff recommended it, but found I seldom remembered to carry them with me, so reverted to my previous practice of using the tips of my fingernails to fasten and unfasten those teeny-tiny buttons.

      Bows, well I just try to make every stage as small as my fingers can make it (longer-than necessary ribbons/ties help) and then snug the bow up smaller once it's actually tied as small as I can tie it (holding the knot ubder/between fingertips so it doens't loosen in the process often helps)

    6. I followed mimistuff's advice and use hemostats and loads of patience too :)
    7. I'm lucky because Kai (AoD Guaiguai) is not as tiny as many tinies are. But when I have difficulty with little bows and things then I either use tweezers or sometimes (strangely) chopsticks! I'm very deft with them and found they work really well :3
    8. Those are good suggestions! With the bows, I made the loop with my finger and then tried to pull it through the hole with a crochet hook. I think with a little more practice it will help for that. But for the buttons and things, the tweezers and haemostats sound great. I'll have to try the chopsticks! I wonder if a tiny pair of pliers might help hold open wrist cuffs, etc. I'll have to experiment.
    9. My hands are tiny and my fingers are long...but modifying your clothes is another thing you can do. Spampy is making me special adaptive Puki clothes :D
    10. I just got shoes for my Roxy Lucy with straps that close with one of the tiniest little pearl beads I've ever seen, and a buttonhole sized for same. I looked at that closure, looked at my fingers, considered my patience level, and then snipped the stitch holding the beads, glued the beads to the straps, and velcro'd the damn things. ;D
    11. I have really long thin fingers, and longer nails, so I don't have much trouble dressing them. But my mom does - whenever she has to tie something on one of their outfits, she just has me do it! lol But it's not the easiest thing to do, even for me, so I wish you all luck! There are some really good suggestions here so far...