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Dressing Unidoll Males...any ideas??

Dec 15, 2008

    1. Mods if there is a thread on this please delete this one or merge....thanks...

      :?So does anyone know what fits the Unidoll Males? I was thinking Iplehouse, but I was not sure since there upper bodies are so much muscle.
    2. i want to know to since im going to win one, but i think the people who make hound might make their size.
    3. You mean the Unireal boys, right? Oh, they are *so* much fun to dress.:roll:
      Hound size stuff *should* fit. I'm not entirely sure, since my guy wears a lot of homemade stuff. For pants you have to be careful, since these guys have thunder thighs, some stuff that fits them in the waist will not be big enough to go over those feckin' massive thighs o' doom. (Seriously, their thighs are about 2-3cm bigger around than my *wrist*) In general, though, Hound stuff will work, as far as I know. Dollshe boys are broader shouldered than Unidoll boys, I believe, so there should be enough room for all that muscle in Hound size shirts. I've also heard that Volks SD16 jeans will fit Unidoll boys.
    4. Yeah I meant the Real size, I know about those massive thighs, but I was wondering if the new EID that Iplehouse has will those pants fit or be too loose??
    5. I think those'd be WAY too big. The regular Iplehouse boy pants supposedly fit, but I haven't tried any, so I can't guarantee that. Maybe looser styles would work best.
    6. Hound pants fit. Leg length varies. You may have a problem if they're pipe-thin fitting pants, but a pair of dress pants or jeans not noted as super tight should be fine. I was able to make slacks I'd originally gotten for a Dollshe from clothing makers on DOA to fit my Jace. Especially standing. I say that because:

      The biggest problem is not the thighs at all, but the butt. The high sculpted butt of the Unireal guys gets "doubled" when they sit, because of the rounded top of the thigh sections (we call it "quadriglutes"). Because of that, they need more space in the back pelvis area of the pants, or at least a higher waistband in the back, or it's a Kraken moment.... (I was surprised to note that the Raurencio bodies, done by the same sculpter, which have an altered tooshie lower edge and thinner legs, also develop quadriglutes when sitting.) The Dollshies have almost no bulk in their tooshies, in contrast, and the Dollshe pelvic segment is very short and cylindrical.

      Dollshe/Model/70cm shirts do fit, as the Unireal arms aren't as bulked as the Raurencio, but the splayed fingers of the hands will prevent you from getting tight dress-shirt type sleeves over them, unless you're prepared to remove and replace hands.

      Re: the new Akando fellow from Iplehouse, you'd better check out JennyNemesis's first photo shoot on hers, where she included a shot of his jeans in front of a pair of regular IP jeans. HUGE. You could try a pair of regular IP pants, but make sure they're ones stated to be HOUND size, not the regular 62cm body size.

      There are a couple of seamstresses who do Unidoll Real male pants, you'll just have to do a search. Usually they'll list as "Jace" items.

      Hope this helps!
    7. Do you know something we don't know? :) Did they contact you on the side and give you that one special nudge? Oooor, is there another Unidoll contest I missed? :horror::huh?:
    8. Well, I got some Hound-sized clothes from Tensiya at their sale and those fit very well. The pants are too long but never mind that. I also got Luken (an Ark) this outfit here:

      Fits pretty well. Only had to shorten the pants. They're a bit tight, actually, but for that outfit, that's really ok. The really tricky part is to find shoes that will fit those boys' large (and especially broad) feet. But they got some really nice boots up on the Unidoll site. I ordered these here and they fit perfectly.

      Ok, so Luken can't really stand on his own in those boots but, hey, never mind! :)

      Just to give you some examples what will fit one of those boys.
    9. Wow, this thread is really helpful, thanks! I just got a Raurencio boy so was wondering what fit Unireal guys too, since the 2 bodies are so similar.
    10. Thanks for the advice on finding clothes especially pants for these guys, I just waiting to see if my payment went thru yet with Unidoll, my bank just called and asked was that really me that sent that kind of money thru the internet, gotta love security these days over money*_*
    11. No updates in soooo long. Just wanted to add that the Dollmore Model Size - Unbalance Leather Jacket (Black) fits Unidoll well. Sleeves are a tad long but chest is great. For length, the body of the jacket ends at about his pelvis joint. If you have low cut pants, his stomach will show. Higher waited pants would cover this.
    12. Thank you, nessa! I was wondering if the jacket would fit.

      I got serveral Model Size pieces and they all fit Ark very nicely.
    13. Do Model Doll shoes fit? Someone said in a different thread that they do. I see Model Doll feet are 9cm long and UniReal feet are 8cm. Are Model Doll shoes wide enough, though?
    14. If the Dollmore model feet are the same width as Dollshe feet (previous body type), then they're too narrow for UD Real feet.

      I have had luck with some shoes made for Souldolls (older bodies), since they were pretty wide in the feet too.
    15. My guy wears Dollmore model shoes...not the heels...lol
      He fits really nicely into her boots and slippers.
      He's currently in the hound cowboy boots that occasionally pop up on Ebay.

      I also have patterns for him if anyone wants anything made.
    16. Marsh makes pants to fit them. And as others have said, some Hound size shirts fit. I also just put on an SD13 size shirt I got from Nine9Style and it fits great. I'll take a picture one of these days and post it.
    17. Looking for confirmation - will Volks SD13 and/or SD16/17 sized clothes/shoes fit Ark?
    18. Khell I do know someone who put Volks SD16 boy boots on an Ark. SD13 boy shoes would not fit. Ark has a very, very wide foot so I'm not even sure if all the SD16/17 shoes would fit. As far as clothes it would depend on the clothes. His thighs are massive so definitely no SD13 boys pants but maybe some of the looser SD16. Same for shirts. It really depends on the style. He has a very broad chest/back so with SD13 boy shirts would have to be a looser style. Not sure about SD16/17.
    19. In the hopes of preventing someone from making the same mistake, I had pants made for the UniReal body and I didn't measure too carefully. I said the distance from waistline to crotch was about the same in the front and back, plus 1cm or so. Not only was that wrong, but I discovered the UniReal butt is sculpted unnaturally high in the back so you need to add a decent bit more length to the back. My poor guy's butt is hanging out of his amazing pants now, lol.

      Also, here is one chart I have made. Hopefully it's fairly accurate. I'm working on a chart of circumfrences next and I now realize I should do a lengths for the back as well. Save this file if you want to refer to it in the future.
    20. Thanks for the answers. That chart's really great!