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Dressing your dolls for Holidays!

Dec 24, 2010

    1. (Im sorry if this already has a thread. It just proves that the search tool bewilders me)
      With Christmas rearing its holly-covered head it makes me wonder, Do any of you Dress your dolls/resin roomies/doll kids up for the Holidays? (Any holiday pick one!;) However, if its more then one holiday please include! =) )

      Do they get a chance to be displayed out for the enjoyment of friends and family? (Where do you display them if yes and if no, how come?)

      Do they get to wear holiday themed outfits?

      I find myself in quite a cheerful mood, realizing that all my dolls will have something nice they can wear for both Christmas Eve and Christmas! I feel the need to display them on top of my mother's cabinet where she keeps the plates!
    2. I made a Halloween witch's costume for one of my dolls, but I didn't really put it on display. I don't know that I'd dress them in anything christmassy. <_< One of them is Jewish, but I did decorate a tree for them and take pictures. I don't think it's something I'd do ordinarily unless I just found myself in the spirit to.
    3. Tian has a full Santa suit that I (badly) made for him two years ago. Shaial wears reindeer antlers and hooves... I have two random Santa hats that swap heads too. :) Christmas is pretty much the only time they dress up though. One day they'll have Halloween costumes, but... yeah. ^^; That's harder.

      They have been hanging out in the main room around the tree this season, though they still get covered with blackout fabric during the day. Darn WS dolls...
    4. Yes I do dress them up in Christmas outfits, much to my boys displeasure. My dolls are in a their large cabinet that has a tree and little gifts in it. My office is also known as the doll room and my family often comes in to look at anything new I get for christmas so they expect them to be dressed for the holidays. My families kinda weird, but I love 'em.
    5. Just finished my boy's holiday jammie pants the other night, so he's wearing them now. No top-- mostly because I misplaced my patterns whilst packing for holiday, but also because the shirt he's in is so cute (and so tight... it's a bit of a bugger getting it past his head, I'd rather leave him in it...)

      Things weren't going great in the fall, or he would've had a proper Hallowe'en costume and photo story (I'd wanted to give him a Hallowe'en face-up as well, but that didn't happen either...). Still, he's got some costumey pieces for next year.

      I packed his fancy pants for New Year's Eve, too, so he can feel a little dressy. But Christmas morning will just see him in his red-and-green PJs (and a pink sparkly leopard print tee... yeah, not as Christmassy...).

      I guess the sparkly-and-pink will work for Valentine's day, not that it's a day that traditionally requires dressing up. He doesn't have a significant other or anything... But unless I get super lazy, I'll have made his green shirt in time for St. Patrick's Day (though not being Catholic, orange is probably more appropriate...).

      Oh! And he has a Santa hat that he's super cute in, so of course I'll be slapping that on him. (maybe with his blue fur wig, it makes him look a bit more elfin...)

      (and of course poor Maurice is just a head, and hasn't been packed for holiday excursions, though in future, he is of course welcome to wear Vince's Santa hat...)

    6. I love to but the dolly my christmas oufit is for is currently without some of his parts. :( But i shall try again next year. :D
    7. I want to make some holiday outfits for my dolls, but I haven't had the time, yet. >_<'
    8. Nope. Given that my collection is constantly growing it would take way too much money, resources and time to oufit them all for even one holiday, much less all my favorites. But not only that, I simply don't feel inclined to do so. I prefer to keep them in their outfits that suit their characters and as half of them are devils they would not be wearing any sort of Christmas or Easter themed clothing, none of them are American so they wouldn't dress up for Thanksgiving or the 4th of July either. I'm not a personal fan of Halloween so even I myself don't dress up for that day.

      Aside from that I only have 2 casual dressers who would even consider dressing in something so goofy as a holiday themed outfit and perhaps for them someday if I find something particularly cute I would outfit them in it, but it's not high on my list of priorities. A majority of my dudes are already dressed very nicely so it's appropriate for something fancy as a Christmas dinner if I ever felt the need to show them off during the holiday. I'd rather spend the time focusing on trinkets for them such as a box of chocolate for Valentines and pretty little boxes for presents and such.
    9. i had hoped to make a matching "Christmas uniform" for my dollies but seeing as how it's Christmas eve i think i've missed my window for it this year.
      I DO plan however to dress all my dolls nicely for Christmas, as i have enough clothing for them to make it feel Christmasy anyway ^^

      I also dressed my dolls up for Halloween...And they usually get decorations in their rooms for all major holidays.
    10. Nah, this year I'm not celebrating christmas pompously. I've just dressed her in best outfit.

      Maybe next time... Santa lady dress isn't a bad idea.
    11. Someday, if I had more time to do this, I would so make them adorable holiday outfits. They'd end up being the most awesome "decorations" I could have around the house. :)
    12. well this being my first year with my girl I made her an ugly christmas sweater for her. She hardly gets to wear it since I found a nice gown for her. It's red and green, and screams yule (which is more in part of her character, though she hates dresses). I plan on getting her more fun cloths for her, which will be fun to make.
    13. I only ever dress the ones going to the dollmeet with me, but yes, I dress the dolls. They sometimes wear their holiday gear for a few weeks before hand and then sometimes change right when I get home from the meet. Wyn is still in his holiday stuffs right now though. He's the only one.

      This year Wyn got a dress, Baby Alex got a dress (they're both boys but it was christmas! so who cares) and Alex wore a bow. They were all pretty festive. Halloween was fabulous too, Alex was a Dalek. Everyone should be a Dalek.
    14. Well two of my dolls have ms. claus outfits and they usually end up with a new outfit as I have only been collecting for two years now going on threeand welp I just dress them that way or in their best outfit.
    15. at the meet i went to on the 11th, we had a Santa, and an Elf. when i get mine, i probably will dress him/them up for the holidays. :3 it's :hollyberryfestive:hollyberry
    16. I did all my dolls up in Valentine themed outfits for a meet-up once. And I've got Victorian/Steampunk clothes for them to wear for a Christmas picture. But I've not done Halloween or anything like that yet, though my Vampire Red put his LE vampire outfit on for a meet-up close to Halloween this year. He never wears it otherwise.
    17. The only doll I have downstairs and out of the cabinets at the moment (Blackbird, my Elf Yder-) is in a fancy Chinese-style outfit that's mostly red and gold. So, he at least fits in with the Christmas colors, even though the outfit isn't "traditional" Christmas fare.

      I usually put up a little 1/3-scale, miniature tree on my living room side table, and pose a couple of the crew with it, but this year I just didn't have time to do that. :sweat
    18. I definitely do! It's fun making them things and finding things. There are some darling wine bottle covers that are sweaters - if you don't mind elbow length sleeves they fit fine as Christmas sweaters. Puki's fit the clothes from Holiday Kelly dolls. I have a darling halloween bat costume for one. My dolls are always out, so it's nice to see them in different outfits!
    19. I kind of do. XD Last year, I only had one boy who fit XS dog clothes, so he had a green and red shirt with a Santa hat. He's not really into holidays though, moreso the type to be like "oh, holiday? Eh." This year, however, since his little brother is now here, he went down to just the shirt (as the little brother took the Santa hat). I put them in light kind of Halloween clothes too. XD
    20. Nope. It's simply too out of character for most of them. However, I might think about dressing them up for Christmas next year, in case Beth's little ones made it home by then. As much as he hates the holidays, he might be alright with it for the sake of making the children happy ;)