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Dressmaker Body Doubles?

Jan 10, 2005

    1. I like to make stuff. :oops: I love makin' clothes for dolls, for no real reason.

      However, at this point in time - there's no way I can afford a MiniSD just to play with making clothes for her - but I've got some stuff I'd like to try based on the size of the MSD. If I *really* love doing it, I can invest later in getting one home. (Otherwise, my life clutter really can't fit another hobby in here, to be honest.)

      So... is there a good 'body double' to use like a dressmaker's model? Has anyone tried?
    2. i believe volks has dressmaker molds- but only for SD, not MSD.. which is a damn shame.
    3. Well apparently American Girl's Hobscoth Hill doll clothes fit MSD almost perfectly, except the shoes wich are far too small. So if you got one of those and made clothes for her, they should be the right size for a MSD. They are $48 each on the American Girl website.
    4. Actually, that's probably a good start! Thanks, and I'll look into it.

      Typical of many, many dolls I've seen. I hate tiny-footed dolls... probably because I'm a bigfoot.

      Thanks for the suggestions so far!
      (See, the real master plan is:
      One of these days, when I have a decent job, I'll have to get a doll, see, because I'll have all these clothes. Justified!)[/quote]
    5. or just get doll because you want it? ^^

      what kind of things to sewing?
    6. ^_^;;; Seamstressness is the only reason I have my Mini, and soon a larger girl. I like making pretty things for pretty things. I justify it by the fact that I like to create, and would never have a chance to wear many of my creations if I made them my size, so my dolls get to dress all pretty, and I save money on fabric.
    7. I just got a ton of Hopscotch Hill patterns from Morrissey Co.--very simple, inexpensive, would be great to embellish. Mostly girly things, though--but there are so many choices you could work something up however you chose.


      --Cheri :D
    8. Actually... I noticed in Volks most recent pattern book that they now have an MSD sized dress form. It's not available (as far as I know) readily in the US... but perhaps Doll & Hobby will have it soon?
    9. I have to logic it to myself. ^_^ I own a Obitsu "Deleter Doll" right now - I justified her with "she looks better than a wooden manequin". She also wears nicer clothes than me.

      I'm working on a dress pattern I have - right now, just a test peice. When I get it looking right, I'll do it in pretty fabrics, and add little details (including a little hand-embroidery, probably.)

      Hehe! Good thinkin'.

      See, my brain says:
      "If we make the outfits, first, thenit's not a project waiting around, it's already worked on! So it's okay!"
    10. The Hopscotch Hill shoes, actually, fit Unoa dolls really well! My friend and I went to the American Girl store in NYC, and got and outfit each. We ended up swapping things, because the clothes fit both dolls, but the shoes only fit the Unoa. ^^;;
    11. If you all ready had the doll, or knew someone who did, you could make a duct-tape dummy... <3
    12. *_* I never thought to do that! Wow, that's an excellent idea, Zoi! I think I'll have to try that sometime :)
    13. Duct-tape dummy??? Explain!!! :o Sounds cool!
    14. I'd considered that, but I'm a lone weirdo.
    15. Whoops! that was me up there!
    16. Please see: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4551
      which has a link to a bunch of home-made dress dummies.

      I'd think the paper tape (brown paper, sticky on one side, activates with water) would work very well.
      I've seen too many duct tape dummies sag & be sticky.
      A properly stuffed dummy shouldn't sag, but I've seen several, so I worry.

      Ann in CT
    17. Hmm... Interesting!!

      But what do you mean, activates with water?? "Water" makes me nervous. O_O