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Update Drui - Domuya - Ordering Period Almost Done

Jul 8, 2009

    1. July 15th is the last day to order the new Life-Saver Project doll by Domuya, the Drui - the Forest-Keeper.
      This is the first of a series of 6 dolls and at the end of the series, those customers who have purchased all 6 dolls will be able to order the 7th doll in the series, but this offer will only be for those customers who purchased all the other 6 dolls.
      The ordering period for this doll is closing within one week, July 15th.
      Dale Ohl
    2. Hi, Dale! You mean July 22nd will be the last day you will be able to order the 2nd doll, the ocean doll, the next one in the series and that goes on sale July 15th, right? And last day to order Drui is also July 15th?
    3. Sorry if i was unclear. My understanding is that the last day for ordering the 1st doll, Drui, the Forest Keeper is July 15th, one week from today.

      Ordering for the 2nd doll has not been established yet to my knowledge, but I am putting names on a list so when it is time, I can let everyone know.

      As a Domuya retailer, this is the most current information that I've received from Domuya, if someone else has other information I would like to know about it.

      Dale Ohl
    4. Um, maybe I'm blind but I can't find measurements (or even a height) for this doll anywhere on Domuya.net or on lonestardolls.com - I'm guessing it's around 44cm, since the D-1 30 line is around 30 cm, and the D-1 60 line is around 60cm, but is there any confirmation of that?
    5. I thought I'd seen that in the "launch" information for the series on Domuya's website or perhaps on the little Life Saver website they created specially for the series.
    6. Drui is definately MSD size I know that much! About 44cm tall I beleive.