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Dry - New Dollmore Boy

Oct 31, 2005

    1. I searched and didn't find anything too easily, but has anyone else checked out the new boy from Dollmore, Dry? The auction on ebay has his information translated:
      Let me introduce a Youth Dollmore Adam - Dry who is Dean's cousins.^^
      He is young man of 26 who has a amature attraction and a clear head
      as specializes in computer programing.
      He is a man of mind rather than of heart
      so, He always keeps his presence of mind.
      He has distinctive and manly muscle,,, realistic features as well. ^^

      He didn't make me fall in love immediately, but I like that he looks more mature but still similar to Dean and the others. But then the more I look at him....
    2. Very handsome and he certainly looks older. I'm very impressed, actually, a lot of dolls have mature sculpts but still very youthful faces. Dry could easily pull off being an older gentleman. Thanks for the heads up!
    3. He is cute, and I'm not generally a fan of Dollmore 60cm sculpts!
      He looks like Adrain's older brother.
    4. I think he looks great. He is on my want list after Heath & El. But seeing as he is the new boy in the BJD world. Maybe I should get him instead just in case he becomes popular. I like his sculpt alot. :D BTW, here is the link to his pic if anyone wants to know what he looks like.
    5. My word--fans self.
      Dry isn't a baby face on an adult body.
      Cheekbones! [/wails]

      If I brought him home, Baltazar, my Dean, would totally lose his lovely Soul Doll suit to this guy.

      B--Hey! I like my suit.

      Hubba, hubba, hubba.

      I think I'm going to have to talk to Hyon, about maybe just heads.

      Note: He's on http://www.dollmore.net/, too.

      Ann in CT :nosebleed
    6. Oh No! Now what do I do!?
      That is a face I could love, now I'm just torn....
      Link or Dry!?
      Curse you Doll makers of the world, for making me want everything you have!!!
    7. I wish I could see more pic's of him. I'm curious about his proflie. I'm on the prowl for my Lex- even though I promised myself no new dolls until my floating heads get bodies. I'm just looking I swear!
    8. I've been on the look-out for a companion/boyfriend (?) for my Hound, Benedict, & I think this guy comes closest to looking like a match for him... he actually looks like he wouldn't get Benedict arrested!

      Highly tempting. My husband suggests I wait for Lishe to arrive before making any new doll decisions. Not because he is worried about me spending too much, but because he thinks her arrival may change the dynamics of our doll-household. We're both a little doll-crazy!

      My previous choice was Heath, but even he can frequently look rather too young for the character I'm imagining. I also love that Dry's a computer programmer: that must be why he looks so pale! Not enough fresh air, heh! :D

    9. After staring at Dry's pictures some more, something about him brings to mind Edward Scissorhands. Which is not good, resembling Johnny Depp in any way, shape or form is nearly too much for me to handle haha
      And of course I plan on having a Dollmore Joey who will cosplay as Van from Escaflowne and here comes a big brother-type that, with that pouty lip, would make a wonderful Folken *shakes fist at all the gorgeous dolls needing to be bought*
    10. "hi~ my customer^_^

      have you been well?^^

      I try to let you know about Dollmore NEW face - \"Dry\" and \"Miso\" ^^

      Dry is young man of 26 who has a amature attraction and a clear head


      and Miso is a charming little girl of 17 who hope to be a fashion model.^^


      So so so ~~~ attractive Dry and Miso~!^^

      hope your lots of interests.^^


      take care~! *^^*

      Dollmore Jee."

      XD Isn't that a cute e-mail? I suppose everyone registered with Dollmore got it, but for those that didn't.
    11. On http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1004, the last picture at the bottom has a profile shot of Dry.

      And pretty young Miso has shots on both sites, too, a new 60cm girl from Dollmore.

      Wow. I need a second job to support my doll habit.

      Ann in CT
    12. He has a manly jawline.

      GAH! I think I'm liking him a bit too much.
    13. Oh my *_* I hope someone gets him, I neeeeeed to see more pictures!
    14. This is the doll I absolutely fell in love with... :love
      Maybe this Christmas...
      I am most certainly considering to get him ( I don't have any BJDs yet), because I caught myself looking at his pics on the Dollmore site every single day...

      However, I live in Germany and I heard that I might have to pay import taxes?
      The shipping is sooo expensive too! What to do what to do...
      If anyone has any kind of helpful infos regarding that, I'd be glad to hear...
    15. Well, someone bought the one that was listed by lemonday on Ebay... maybe someone here?

    16. Man, I see him and the first thing that comes to mind is: Macaulay Culkin!
    17. man I wanted a Hound... but this guy looks so scrumptious... aaaah what to do what to do?