Preorder [DS Doll] Dog & Pitbull(head & mask) - preorder till 09.12.19

Nov 17, 2019

    1. Hi! :kitty2
      I'm opening a preorder for Dog & Pitbull (heads and masks)
      My e-mail: [email protected]
      15% discount is valid on November 18-20


      Head price: 120$ (available in normal & white skin)
      Basic set: head, 2 head bases : with smaller and bigger neck socket, box and certificate.


      - Circumference of head: 20 cm
      - head bases :
      1) with bigger neck socket – 13 cm
      2) with smaller neck socket– 11 cm
      - Eye size: 10-12 mm

      the head fits on the bodys 65-70 cm.
      photos of hybridization can be seen here:

      Optional parts:
      modification LED-ring unit with interchangeable LEDs of three colors,
      as the android of Detroit: Become Human
      cost of modification with LED block 35 $ (only when ordering a Pitbull head)

      Dog & Pitbull masks (it is possible to order separately)
      Prices Mask: $ 75

      Basic set: mask, box and certificate.
      Available colors: white, gray, black, brown (individual agreement possible selection of color)


      It is suitable for SD head with the following approximate dimensions:
      more photos can be seen here: 1, 2, 3
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