Preorder [DS Doll] Ferret-head1/4 (msd, fashion) - preorder 08.07.19-28.07.19

Jul 7, 2019

    1. Hi!:kitty2
      I'm opening a preorder for Ferret 1/4 (MSD-head)
      My e-mail: [email protected]

      [​IMG] by balagur73, on Flickr

      Pre-order is open from 08.07.19 till 28.07.19
      Head price 80$
      (available in normal & white skin)
      Basic set: head, box and certificate.

      - Circumference of head: 13,8 cm
      - Neck circumference: 9 cm
      - Eye size: 6 mm
      Ferret head suits 45-52 cm bodies.

      Optional parts:
      modification LED-ring unit with interchangeable LEDs of three colors,
      like the androids from Detroit: Become Human have⠀
      cost of modification with LED block 40 $

      I am negotiating the release of Ferret on Nidum Dolls body

      if you are interested in ordering a whole doll write me in a personal message

      It is possible to order a head in a smaller size suitable for Dollshe fashion-line body
      Casting is possible only if there are at least 10 people willing to order heads in this size.

      - Circumference of head: 12,6 cm
      - Neck circumference: 8.2 cm
      - Eye size: 6 mm
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    2. Will it be possible to have the LED modification on the smaller Dollshe size?
    3. redmaiko, Yes, I have foreseen the possibility of such a modification for a smaller size:3nodding:, but I can test this modification only if this head has a sufficient number of customers:roll:
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    4. Love how he looks on the nidum body, but also love that he will work on a iplehouse!!
    5. skyealloway, I hope you choose the option that suits you;), but I can say that this head on Nidum Dolls body will look just like in these photos, and on the iplehouse body this is an approximate ratio made in Photoshop:roll:
    6. Hello! Would Ferret look good on Souldoll’s Vito boy body? Vito is 53cm.
    7. xylene, I made a collage:roll:, it turns out that the head will look like this on Vito's body:
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    8. Thank you very much for making this collage!
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    9. I molded the head of a Ferret, for the body of a fashion Dollshe (4-5 inch) and made a test modification of this head[​IMG]:roll:
      now the smallest head will be an android[​IMG]:XD:
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    10. I wonder what is the dollshe skin color match? Also, will a nidum body be available?
    11. GreenVixen, normal skin color is similar to fresh or oriental dollshe, and white is completely white like paper
      I'm still engaged in the implementation of a joint project with Nidum dolls, I can say something concrete a little later, maybe in a week:roll: