Preorder [DS Doll] Ghost (head) and cyber-helmet

Oct 12, 2016

    1. Hi!:)
      I'm opening a pre-order for "Ghost" head and cyber-helmet.
      My e-mail: [email protected]
      More photos on flickr

      preorder till October 31th
      Head price 120$
      (available in normal & white skin)
      Basic set: head, adapter, box and certificate.
      Size for bodies 65-68 cm
      Circumference of head: 21,2 cm
      Neck: 9cm (11 cm with adapter)
      Eyes: 10-12 mm

      removable ears:
      elf ears - 10$ (available in normal & white skin)

      cyber-ears - 12$ (available in normal, white, dark grey skin)

      transparent cyber-ears - 15$ (available in color-less, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray skin)

      Cyber-Helmet price - 80$ (available in white, grey & dark grey skin)
      It may be suitable for small SD and MSD head
      head width about 60mm
      head height - 82 mm
      the distance between the temples - 42 mm
      the distance between the cheekbones - 50 mm
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    2. So you won't offer the helmet in transparent to match the ears?
    3. Marjie, in the future, I plan to make a masks in a transparent material, but at the moment I can make a transparent only cyber-ears:sorry
    4. What bodies do you recommend for this head?
    5. Dr.Zed, I tried on the head several bodies:)

      I really like this option, but you'll have to sand down the back of the head or the neck itself for a perfect fit.:sorry
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    6. How long will this pre-order last? Will you do pre-order in the future?
    7. Dr.Zed, I will close the current pre-order for Ghost head on October 31. After that I plan to re-release Dragon and Snake. And if the interest is high enough I may re-release Ghost sometime in 2017.