During this quarantine what have you realized about your dolls?

Mar 29, 2020

    1. Honestly that I have some personal things to work out with my artistic drive- sewing one week, dead the next few etc.-
      But on a more positive note: That even as an adult, it's nice to have a favorite toy next to at night during tough times. Having Veitz (Myou Doll Sybil) on my nightstand is nice to wake up to.
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    2. A week later, and I'm realising that I might want to re-shell the resin side of my crew, to better expand the gang without losing loads more space! There's two members from one set of characters - I write stories - in 65-70cm size currently, but there's 3 more to add. And, I have two big vinyl boys and two more characters (at least) from another story that I'd love to have in doll form. While some can handle 15-40+ big dolls, I haven't got that much space available to me right this minute. Or even in the near future. So, 9-11 big dolls is a little daunting. Even though 65-70cm is what I started with.

      Plus, I've found myself instinctively leaning towards FID-size for these two from the other story. It'd be easier to find props for them, especially the horse that they kind of require. Yes, a horse! So, I would also need space for the steed as well as the master and his love interest. Plus, it'd probably be easier to find instruments that'd fit with FID-size dolls, than it would be to find them for 65-70cm dolls, for the original gang of five.

      The only ones that won't be shrinking are the vinyl boys, even though it'd be easier to find their props. But, I have half of them already, and they're not my original characters, so I'm using that as a... means to save money in not re-shelling everyone. That, and I've already bonded with them, more than I have the resin side of my crew [another point I've come to realise, in all of this free time].

      On a somewhat-related side-note from Mutation's post; I don't have my dolls nearby, other than on a bookshelf that I can glance to as and when, but I do keep three fox plush toys on my bed [at the age of 30], and I've been reaching for them a lot more of late...
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    3. I realized I'm starting to like MSD sizes more now than SD. I'll still keep my SD around and still enjoy them. I may end up reshelling some future characters plan to MSD.
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    4. Another essential retail worker here, but I haven’t been able to do much but be home with my dolls in leisure time, obviously. And unfortunately, I realized one of the two was an impulse buy to try and distract myself from an OT doll I really wanted but couldn’t have at that point. So up for sale she goes; I feel guilty for doing it, but I’ve got to stop buying dolls I don’t really want as “consolation prizes.”
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    5. Yesterday when I chatting with my dollie friend I realized, that I don't want my boy to be Undertaker. I want to do an oc. Hm. I am happy that I not costumized him before... He will be somebody else. Something wild and happy. And free... It's crazy, because he will be the best friend of my first oc... who is not shelled... ok. It's time to think about his new things. I have time.
    6. I thought how much I enjoy my dolls and it has motivated me to do more with them again. I always loved them but I had taken a break from being very active. I am going to be doing a lot more with them now so that's a good thing :)
    7. That they have very little light colored clothes, wigs, ect.
      They need some cozy casuals bad!
    8. The quarantine brought me back to being active in the hobby—I’m an essential employee and had ordered two new dolls and bought some secondhand parts for a project doll around the time this all started. I was just sitting at home, watching YouTube after my shifts, and doing little else. Somehow I was recommended a doll customizer’s videos, and that was inspiration enough to kick myself into gear and actually put my project doll together. Now I can’t wait for the other two to show up so I can work on them, too.
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    9. That I haven't been doing much with my dolls for months....

      But.. . After finishing off some. Illustration work I finally got down to work on my dolls a little again.
      Last months I hardly did anything or had the mood for them at all... The last 11 months have need so rocky... But now I finally think about finishing some doll projects. I plan to finally do some face ups on my dolls that are still blank.

      Sometimes I fins it so hard to dip into creativity.... Losing my mom last year set off something that made me loose all interest in my hobbies... Slooowly it comes back in flickers but having more time helps.
      For me BJD are one of my hobbies but I enjoy it a lot.
      I hope everyone of u will stay healthy.
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    10. I'm a cook for an assisted living, so I'm still working too but that maybe I need to do more with my crew... poor guys stay in the doll room most of the time!
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    11. I realized that my dolls are fractal parts of me and I know better how to use them with my artistic life.
    12. Before the quarantine, we moved and I left all but 2 of my dolls at my parents.I didn't want to move all 20+ to a new place yet since we're looking to see if we even like the area (we don't lol) but for a long time I have done NOTHING with the 2 I brought. Then all of a sudden I looked online and found a Tom Holland head and I bought him. I still don't know what I want to do with my collection, in one hand I miss them, just looking at them made me happy. On the other hand, I feel like I should sell all of them. Though I think I would be sad. But as one person said here,life is too short, and if they are just meant to be an art piece that makes me happy just looking at them, then I suppose they should just stay that way. Guys,being an adult is hard :XD:
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    13. I realized just how much I love their characters and having my dolls around all the time makes me want to work more on them, improve their backstories, outfits... I’m focusing more on the dolls I have instead of dreaming about a new one. Also, I’m getting back into drawing them and that’s a great way to escape reality!
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    14. I discovered that the doll I was thinking of selling is, in fact, now one of my favourites after giving him a brand new character. Just looking at him makes me unbelievably happy, especially as the little details for him are starting to slowly come together... and that's something precious at the moment since I'm not doing great mentally with being confined lol. But working on him gave me a new flame in the hobby, and I'm grateful that I currently have the time for that!!
      I've also realised that I hate nearly everything about one off-topic doll (a mirodoll) so I guess she'll be used for experimenting different techniques from this point on
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    15. I think I’ve realized how much I’d like to put more time into the hobby. I feel like this has been a great opportunity to start making my dolls clothes and things like that which is something I’ve been wanting to do. I do have some dolls on the way which just lets me know how impatient I am!
    16. i have realized how lucky i am to be able to enjoy this hobby since there is not a lot of things to do during this time. I am still figuring out what kind of clothes to get my volks doll Megu and thinking about what to name her :chibi
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    17. That when I start a project for them I need to finish it asap. Or it'll never get done! :XD:
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    18. I think I'm realizing that I love crafting for the dolls, and there are a few more I want to get, but I really need to knuckle down and finish the dudes I already have. Several of them need professional face ups (that would count as stimulating the economy right? plus supporting artists...) and I've only made in-character clothing for 3 of them! (out of 11)
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    19. After coming back from being physically disabled and rejoining the hobby after a few years away, I had started playing with my Crew again late last year, and realizing how much I missed doing so.

      So now that I have endless free time at home, I am hand-sewing things for my newest boy, who shares a body with a formerly floating head. I'm also more active here on DoA, and starting to take pics of certain members of my Crew for discussion threads while I wait for the weather to warm up and dry out.

      I'd like to go out into the back yard and have a BJD picnic photoshoot, among other ideas, since our backyard is pretty decent-sized. My partner is in the high-risk category, and the idea of simply going outside without a mask of some kind seems to be pretty scary for them. I'd like to be able to go outside into the backyard in order for the two of us to get some fresh air and (hopefully if it doesn't rain again) some sunshine. We both need to "play" outside so that my partner doesn't get cabin fever (I don't mind being home all the time) and can still be safe, and our dolls are perfect for that! :3nodding:

      tl;dr Our dolls are the perfect reason to get out of the house into the backyard and get fresh air, sunshine and have photoshoots once the weather dries up and warms up. :XD:

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    20. 1. In general, that I like working on them more than I thought. Not that I didn't enjoy it before, but I have just the one doll and it was all very much me trying out the hobby and seeing whether it'd stick. Looks like it will.
      2. On the more particular end: a more harmonious character for my doll. I had plans, she had different ones, and it's coming together now :)