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Dust of Dolls Appi discussion part 2

Jan 30, 2019

    1. We had some snow, so I took out some dollies for pictures. Here my two Appis: Cöta and Lünn:

      [​IMG]Sans titre by blablette1, sur Flickr

      ........ Mod Note .......

      Company website: Dust Of Dolls
      DoA Wiki: Dust of Dolls - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

      Lunns Measurements :
      • height : 27 cm
      • head measurement : 14,2 cm - 5/6
      • eyes size : 6 mm
      • neck size : 4,5 cm
      • chest size (small bust) : 10.5 cm
      • waist size : 12,5 cm
      • hips size: 16,5 cm
      • shoulder width : 7 cm
      • tight : 10 cm
      • calf: 5.8 cm
      • arm : 3,6 cm
      • forearm : 4 cm
      • bust height : 9 cm
      • arm length : 8,5 cm
      • leg lenght : 11,5 cm
      • foot lenght : 3,8 cm

      Khol Measurements:

      • height : 27 cm
      • head measurement : 14,2 cm
      • eyes size : 8 mm
      • neck size : 4,5 cm
      • chest size (large bust) : 10.5 cm
      • waist size : 12,5 cm
      • hips size : 16,5 cm
      • shoulder width : 7 cm
      • tight : 10 cm
      • calf : 5.8 cm
      • arm : 3,6 cm
      • forearm : 4 cm
      • bust length : 9 cm
      • arm length : 8,5 cm
      • leg length : 11,5 cm
      • foot length : 3,8 cm

      Dust of Dolls Appi discussion part 1:
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    2. Yay! We finally reached a new thread! I don't think I've shared this photo yet. I don't have a lot of time for dolls right now but I am hoping to get back into them soon!

      [​IMG]A Little Hello by SmoteyMote, on Flickr
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    3. Yayyy, keep the pictures coming! ^_^ <3
    4. Oh these are so cute!
    5. [​IMG]

      Little Margaux is staying inside with all the cold weather we've been having! :whee:
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    6. Finally took some proper photos of Nebula with her new wig. I think yellow and pink suits her well. :aheartbea

      by Cyamone ✿, on Flickr
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    7. @purplepaws That wig looks perfect in her!

      I just received my Cöti yesterday and have been busy making her a wig and sewing some clothes for her.

      But I was wondering, my Cöti is really kicky, she basically refuses to keep her legs straight. Is this very common and just needs to be sueded, or is she strung to tight?
    8. @ATBryant Mine is also super kicky so it's not just you. I sueded her and it helped a lot but she's still not very stable. It took me a while to make her stand on her own. I still recommend sueding since it does improve posing quite a bit.
    9. Yellow and pink is easily the best color combo!! Love her! :kitty2
    10. I hot glue sueded my Cöti and am so happy with the result. Such an improvement! It's so nice to be able to lay her down and her legs not kick up.

      I didn't do it perfectly since it was my first time ever, and I only did the two sockets around her hip ball joints, but I'm glad I did it. :D
    11. Absolutely in love with this doll size! :D Can anyone suggest where to buy clothes for them? :)
    12. @indollgence I compared some measurements, and it seems they're quite similar in size to imda 3.0, which you can find stuff for on etsy.
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    13. You can find custom fitting clothing (search for "Appi" sized clothing) on etsy. Mine also wear Kikipop and Cerisedolls Poulpy sized clothing ^^
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    14. That’s great to know! Thank you so much for the help! :D
    15. Thank you! I just bought an appi coti from the secondhand market and it’ll take a few weeks before she gets home but I’m super excited to say the least! <3
    16. Lyly teased Appi Jama in peche yesterday on instagram. I love my Cöti, and having an Appi with removable ears is really tempting. I wonder how long until the preorder. A month or two would be great so I can finish off my current layaway. :lol:
    17. Maybe a little after the Roze Heln preorder? It’ll be great to see an Appi again! My favorite’s Coti :D
    18. Here is my Appi Kore in a kikipop outfit:


      It's a little short on the legs, but it fits the style ^^
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    19. My Appi Coti arrived a couple weeks ago! She’s so pretty and dainty. I named her Haylin :D

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    20. Does anybody know if Jama has human ears? I can not find a picture without a wig
      Thank you