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Dust of Dolls - Doom

Mar 17, 2016

    1. New discussion thread for Dust of Dolls' new SD size Doom dolls! :)

      Who is ordering a Doom Bomi? I'm thinking really hard about it, but haven't decided yet.
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    2. Bomi is very cute, and I'm surprised it took so long for a proper discussion thread to pop up for her! One of her faceup options is by Viridian House, who is one of my favorite faceup artists (and for a very reasonable price!). I've been considering Bomi on and off, but I've also been thinking about Lillycat's dolls, too. It's really hard to choose between these more expensive artist dolls, especially when money is tight.>.<
    3. Oh man, I know it! I have wanted a Lillycat Lyse forever, and now they are going on preorder for maybe the last time! I would really like both Lyse and Bomi, but I don't know if I can justify that :( I guess Bomi has a similar aesthetic to Lillycat dolls, I wonder if a lot of people are having this dilemma. (I'm a sucker for cartoonishly large hips, for whatever reason)

      Yeah, I was really surprised when I searched around for a Bomi thread and couldn't find anything. I fell in love with the other faceup actually, the Esthy one; I love the freckles and blonde eyebrows. I would still probably get her blank though, because I do my own faceups, but I was convinced by that faceup that I liked her face lol.
    4. Bomi has a vert sweet, youthful face. However, with the big hips and small chest combo, I think she's going to be extra difficult to clothe (though, I believe the Lillycat dolls suffer from the exact same dilemma).>.< Lots of stretchy fabric and dresses/skirts, I guess? I do love her legs, though - I'm such a sucker for full dolly calves.:XD:

      EDIT: Below are some extra photos of Bomi that I found through Google. I find the nude photos on the ordering page to be too washed out to appreciate the details of the Doom body. These extras photos give a clearer view of it.
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    5. Yeah I basically collect weird proportioned dolls, so tough to clothe is my eternal struggle :P

      Wow, nice photos! I didn't even think there would be any other photos out there yet. I love some of those other skin colors, too bad there is only normal skin for the real release though. I wonder what the story is on those other ones?

      <----- Did a reverse image search, and I found those other skin colors were exclusives from LDoll in 2014!
      . dust of dolls . » LDoll stock
      . dust of dolls . » Doom Lill, Doom Bomi

      Also the face of the blue girl is different, it's called Lill. Interesting, I wouldn't have guessed this girl had been around for so long, especially since their store page makes it sound like this is the only time she will be released. I have never followed Dust of Dolls before, so I don't really know their history, but maybe they don't usually do preorders?
    6. Yeah, for a long time I'm pretty sure they were Ldoll exclusive. Like Enaibi, I think they specialized in fully customized, OOAK dolls. It's only been in recent years that I have heard of them doing preorders (and very few and far between). Perhaps we will seem Bomi return in a new skin tone later or this other sculpt show up? This being the "only" preorder may actually more specifically mean "the only preorder for this sculpt in this particular resin color."
    7. Hmm interesting. I wonder how much I am willing to risk on that theory... :P

      Enaibi! Lol, I've seen their dolls before and always been completely stumped about how to get one. I gotta get over to Ldoll one of these years, all the good stuff gets sold there in secret, drives me crazy :P
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    8. Ooo @Kimchi that's really interesting - and gives me hope for the future Bomis! I'm also split between Bomi and another doll... I'm actually selling my Lillycat girl for this :P But I still have to decide! I do looove her face, a long time a go when she was first taken to LDoll I fell in love with the fantastic body shape and her full smiling lips... But timing is everything!
    9. Hm, IDK, the verbage is pretty intense: "This is the only preorder that will ever be held for this doll, once it’s over she will not be produced in preorder again."

      Maybe it's worth it to ask them, maybe on the announcement thread?
    10. famous last words. :)
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    11. I have my Bomi on a 3 month layaway. I would rather get her now and not miss out on having her at all. Can always trade later or sell and re-buy. I would -love- a tan version or even a fun color resin, but I don't want to hold out and then miss out. I just got in the first couple of things I am planning for her.. I ordered her with Esthy faceup. I love the freckles and rosy cheeks. What won me over was how the lips were painted.
    12. Nice! Yeah, that's basically what I was thinking, not worth the risk just to hold out for another skin color, there's always trading.

      Buuuut I'm way over budget and trying to cut back :P You guys are so enabling
    13. Congrats on your order @vopisca! What things did you pick up for your new girl?

      Personally, I plan on focusing on the dolls I already have, so I'll be skipping this preorder. However, I still enjoy discussing this girl!
    14. @Kimchi I got a peacock colored wig and a few eyes in different shades of purple and mint. This will be my first SD sized doll.

      I know the Doom body is relatively new but has anyone seen any references to clothing that might fit? Those hips are destined for custom pants for sure.
      #14 vopisca, Mar 19, 2016
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    15. I ordered one :D <3 So happy !
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    16. Hello everyone! Joining in on the excitement of Bomi. I will be ordering her on 3 month layaway tomorrow morning when my paycheck comes in. I thought about it long and hard ever since I first saw notices that she would go up for preorder. I love her to bits, but she was so unplanned and so expensive. But I know how much I will regret not getting her. Even if she gets offered in different skintone in the future, this is the skintone I want for her. So I'm jumping in with both feet, getting her the Viridian House face-up (one of my favourite artists) and the blue wig (she will be Winter, quite literally, so I think that justifies the €30, haha). I can't wait, although the wait will be loooong!

      As for the Lillycat dilemma: I was so there for the last weeks. Ellana on the Lune body has been on my wishlist for a century and a half and I had planned to get her this year, but I wanted to wait for Ldoll. Well, there was no way I could wait now that the Lune body is getting discontinued and they finally offer her in caramel. So she's on a 7-month layaway and I will be eating the proverbial ramen for the next three until Bomi is paid off and I have room to breathe again :D
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    17. Aww, Bomi is so adorable, I'm torn between getting her or not. I hope I can get some monies in, so that I can... Only two days left for the preorder... Oh my!
    18. Hahahaha, eating the proverbial ramen :P
    19. Well, the dress blue-haired Bomi is wearing is normal SD size, I know because I used to own it. With dresses it will probably be easier, of course. Maybe a mixture of SD and MSD stuff? My girl will need wintery things, but I think I will mostly do my own sewing for her. I'll certainly try some standard stuff as well, though!

      I know, two days is really not long! I hope you can swing it!

      That tends to happen a lot here, with hubby also in the hobby ;)
    20. @Wennie That is a really good point. I will definitely be trying a mixture of clothing sizes and styles. My taste tend to veer into fantasy rather than reality.... come to think of it her sculpt reminds me of my fallout 4 face. Hmm. Food for thought.