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Dust of Dolls Püns Discussion Part 1

Mar 22, 2011

    1. This discussion thread is for Dust of Dolls Püns, a 25cm tall artist BJD.

      The creation of this doll can be seen on Dust of Dolls' website here.

      Here are Dust of Dolls' own pictures of the prototype Püns.

      As I have had to post in the Leeke World Mikhaila thread, please remember that this discussion thread is for people wanting to discuss Püns the doll and not the Dust of Dolls/Leeke World issue.

      A number of other threads suits this topic better and I suggest that the discussion takes part in one of the more appropriate threads below;
      Forgiveness (do we forgive companies too easily or rather the opposite)
      When is it alright to accuse someone of copying?
      'Stylistic Similarity' vs 'Copy'

      DoA Wiki:

      Dust of Dolls Püns Discussion Part 1:
    2. Im in love with Püns, If she ever gets a wide release(thats affordable) I would definitely have to have her! I had seen some photos of the france festival of Püns painted with a humanistic girl face and she looks absolutely gorgeous.
    3. Esthy has one Püns. You can see her pics here. Constance is such a lovely girl ^^

      EDIT : you can see more pics of Esthy doll on her flickr.
      And you also have Ollie (Akatraya's Püns here)
      And Takozakiz have the very versatile Apfelstrüdel (pics here)

      The little Püns really deserve a look :)
    4. I fell in love with the yellow one when I saw the preview, before the L-doll... And in october, I took this picture. Look at her... "Buy me buy me" :(

      *sorry for my awful english............* :roll:
    5. Dust-of-Dolls added the story of Puns to their site HERE!!
      So much love & hard work went into her creation!!!
      It makes me love her even more:aheartbea

      edit: I cannot believe the nerve of some people!
      Going on DoD's site and telling them they prefer
      Mikhaila instead and saying they are "proud" to
      say they bought her.....it's beyond wrong.
      Why go through that trouble? You simply look like
      a jerk. (sry mods, I just don't agree with badgering
      ANY doll maker by saying I prefer so&so better)
    6. Well, a lot of Pun supporters have been kind of badgering the people who want to buy Mikhaila so while it may not be nice you could argue 'they' started it.

      The furor will die down soon enough and Pun owners will hopefully coexist peacefully with Mikhaila owners. If I had not seen the Pun link when Mikhaila came out I certainly would have bought her (well, if I had the money...). I also doubt this is the last we'll see of pear shape dolls so after this initial storm it will calm down.
    7. That's true enough, but I think Lula was referring to the badgering of the artists themselves on their website, not the people who want a Puns or a Mikhaila.


      I absolutely adore this doll and it saddens me to know that, realistically, the likelihood of me being able to afford her is slim to none. There are very few dolls that I gasp and say, "Must... own... " and this sweetheart is one of them.

      Chehime, I agree, if I hadn't seen Puns first and had no knowledge of the controversy, I would be sorely tempted by Mikhaila.
    8. About the numbers of Püns, I don't know. I think they will make them by "waves". For exemple 4 Püns ready to sell for this month, and maybe 3 months later 4 other new Püns. - but maybe I'm wrong hey ! Even if I'm quite close to Lywann and Nyo, I can't guess everything right. :)

      About the resin, I think she is in what we called "french resin". But, honestly, in France, we don't know why it's called "french resin" (for us, resin is resin. Why one is called "french" ?) ^^
      Püns resin is in "french resin" because the resin was bougt in France :sweat

      But her resin is not as clear and transluscent as Narae's for exemple.
      About the colors, the girls of D.D. are making them herselves by mixing colorant.
      Each color is unique and made for one single Püns.

      When the Püns will be available on their site (we are working on it), I guess they would purpose funky colors (and others more classical like white, beige, maybe tan ? I don't know).
    9. Sandra, thanks for the info! I'll keep an eye on their website, although right now there doesn't seem to be a 'store' section...

      I can't wait to see the resin anyway- I don't think anyone knows why "French resin" is called that! As for colors I have been longing for a green, lavender (after I missed out on Vesuvia), and blue (after Taco didn't appeal to me), and green. The only dolls I have are grey, light tan, normal and white but I want more!

      Oh, and someone please post when they go up for sale! With a link!
    10. Chehime : We are working on some mods on their website (I will do it this week-end :) ).
      The shop section will came a little bit later (for the moment, they don't have available doll and they are quite busy because of the "Leeke case").

      But don't worry, I think they will post a link when the dolls would be available (or one of us if they forgot) :)
    11. Oh, I love Ollie's blushing! Especially on her tummy :fangirl:

      Pün's got such strong beautiful facial features she can probably pull off any sort of faceup, fantasy or normal. I can't wait to see what people envision for her (and me, when I has the money to get her too!)
    12. though Püns is not my taste, but i support her!
      the scuplt that has time and effort putted into, is totally different from the "copies":)
    13. Yes that's what I meant, TY XD Sry for any confusion:sweat
    14. I love Püns. And want to buy one someday. :)
    15. Sandra: Do you know what price they will be selling Puns? I would really like one sweaty in my home, but I have to save some money first ^^ Where would they sell them/which site (anyone has specific link???)?
      I was trying to contact D.D here and on flickr, but didn't hear from them. I guess they have lot emails cause of Leeke case and don't have time to write back to everything ^^'
    16. I can reply for Sandra ^^
      The price will be around 600-650€.
      Thank you very much for your interest !
    17. Thank you for answer :daisy <saving for Puns mode: on> ;)

      I love this sweety :D I'm found her pictures long time ago and was coming back from time to time :) now I know I need her in my place <since I have her in my heart already :chibi >
    18. oh wow.. sounds like I will never get a puns! its okay I will still admire her :)
    19. Thanks .An ;)
      Maselanka : yes, D.D. are very busy (working one some Püns and other goodies) and they received a lot of emails for dolls enquiries.
      They can't reply to everybody ^^

      That's why they asked to some of us (.An, Esthy, me and other girls) to help them because they can't be everywhere ;)

      About the sale, they will do it on their website (but they don't have a shop section for the moment, as I said previously).