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Dust of Dolls Roze Discussion

Mar 15, 2019

    1. Dust of Dolls has introduced their first MSD sized doll, Roze Heln!

      Heln is currently up for preorder through PNW BJD Expo until March 30, 2019, and the face mold will be retired after this order period. She will be cast in pêche resin and has the option of Viridian House faceup.

      Dust of Dolls has mentioned that while Heln is to be retired after March 19, there will be future dolls released on the Roze body. While we wait for more updates, I figured let’s get the thread going! Who’s ordered this lovely doll?

      Pictured below: first cast at the factory, in test grey, from Dust of Dolls’ Instagram
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    2. Thanks for starting this thread! I hope we can find more Roze Heln fans!
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    3. @somewheresunbear hopefully we can gather the crowd and share any info! As far as I’ve seen, Heln has not been on DoD’s blog at all, and the factory’s photos have only been shared on Instagram and not Facebook. It may be short notice but I’m hoping we can spread info before the order ends in 5 days, so anyone who loves her can order in time :3nodding:

      I’ve decided against the faceup, because I’d like to get her home as soon as possible, plus I’m not 100% on what color palette she should have.

      EDIT: looks like the period has been extended to March 30th on PNW’s site!
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    4. Excited to see photos of this doll in her real skin color! <3
    5. Me too! This is the first doll I’ve ever ordered without having seen it fully realized. Definitely a plunge for me. Did you order her?
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    6. Ohhh! You ordered her! Wow! And it’s their first MSD :D

      Nope, I didn’t order one. I love Dust of Dolls but I prefer their fantasy sculpts more. :)
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    7. I don’t currently have any fantasy sculpts but I’m planning on starting a lil collection based on that. So we will see! Do you have their Appis or Krot?
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    8. Ah yes I have a Coti on the way! I regret not joining the preorder years ago but I’m glad I found a reasonably priced one on the secondhand market :D