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DVIRUSSHOP Notice of Open Sale & Pre-order of New Outift

Feb 12, 2011

    1. I hope it's ok to post this inquiry here;

      In the FAQ it says "We produce most of costumes except few cases, if doll was made in South Korea BJD company and Volks."

      Does this mean that outfits will not be produced for certain doll sizes/types?
    2. Can you make clothes to fit a 70cm doll?
    3. GenGen; their FAQ says that they make clothes from MSD to 70 cm. I am still looking for clarification to the restrictions on company/doll type.
    4. Yes it does, We don`t produce for sizes and types of dolls from other countries except South Korea, and Volks of Japan.
    5. We make costumes for 70cm dolls, but It doesn`t fit to every 70cm sized doll,
      so please let us know your doll infomation(doll production company and type) via email before order
      then we will let you know if it will be possible or not.
    6. 70cm doll, can you make for Dollshe Hound size?
    7. Possible. We make costums for sizes of Bermann and Hound.