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DZ Ani

Oct 14, 2007

    1. I have seen a lot of Dollzone dolls on this site, and quite a few of the BB kids, but I'm really having trouble finding owner pics of the Ani mold. I have one arriving soon (I hope) and I'm dying to see the characters and personalities people have found in theirs.

    2. She's here now (arrived late on Friday) and will be on her way to you tomorrow. ;)

      Here is a couple of pics of our Ani to give you a picture fix. :)


    3. *PandaGirl explodes* That's just the thing to brighten my fluey weekend! Your girl is such a cutie, love those freckles!
    4. *Puts the PandaGirl back together with sticky tape*

      I thought the news might make you happy. ;)
    5. Here's my Ani girl sitting amid the Crape Myrtles:
    6. I love that hair cut Sweetie, I've ordered black hair with my girl, but I'm thinking she may end up blonde or red.
    7. Thats one of the good things about these dolls. Instant hair colour change without the messy dyes. :)
    8. That's the beauty of these dolls..change the eyes and hair for a totally new and different look!
      here she is in a JRock wig:
    9. OMGosh these girls are SWEETIES!!!! :aheartbea
    10. She looks so innocent as a blonde.
    11. Panda should check her email box shortly.... someone is on their way. ;)
    12. *explodes a few more times* She's already told me exactly what she wants me to order for her!
    13. I give up.....

      *hands the roll of tape to Panda* If you are going to keep exploding you get to clean up the mess. ;)

      They do have a way of nagging until they get what they want. :roll:
    14. PandaGirl, I have two anis and they can be found in the gallery if you need eye candy while you wait. Congrats, I loved Chloe so much, I had to buy Maya. hehehe
    15. I was told my girl was Ani, but looking at the website, I am not sure... Ami maybe?