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DZ BB Leo help

Apr 19, 2009

    1. Hello there, :) sorry If I'm in the wrong place to post this thread, I wasn't sure where this would go, mods please feel free to move it if need be!

      I'm wondering if anyone could help me, I'm currently buying a DZ BB Leo off of the Marketplace here, and am looking for wigs and clothes for him, I've used Dollmore, before to buy my AOD Lan clothes (who's my first doll and still waiting for her to arrive!) and had a look there to see if they had anything for my little chappy when he arrives, I can't see nothing :doh but was wondering if anybody knew of anything on there for a different type of doll that would fit him, or if you know of any other sites that I can look at to buy these things for him?

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :sweat
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    3. i have a DZ BB and she seems to be Yo sized, or Littlefee sized, so anything to fit a 25cm doll should fit.

      uh-oh i just noticed another post about BB Leo, and i think he is a "mini sized" doll so that would be much smaller than a regular BB doll.
    4. thankyou Miss Ally :), I know he stands at 16cm, and his head is 14.5cm lol oh and his foot size is 2cm, I've been informed that Lati Yellow stuff would fit him, but I think their shoe size is a bit smaller like 1.7cm, I've found him a top on the marketplace so now it's trousers and shoes and wigs lol
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      Just knowing some sites would be great, all I need now are shoes!
    7. Double Bump for today and yesterday :)
    8. I'm sorry, I don't know this doll, but try changing your title to "DZ BB Leo help" because that'll be more likely to draw "knowing" eyes to the thread :) I believe you can do that when you edit your first post??? It's been a long time since I did that :P

      Good luck!
    9. ooh okies thankyou, I'll have a look how to change it when I get home from work!
    10. Saturday Morning Bump :)
    11. Hi SuviFay
      I have a Dz Luna here, same size, and he fits nicely in all 5/6 wigs, same size as Lati Yellow. As for shoes, the smallest sneakers ("micro")for Blythe that Mimiwoo and releaserain on ebay carry looks cool.

      Here he is in his mimiwoo sneakers and a 5/6" Blushed Roses mohair wig
      (I knitted the sweater and hat and sewed the pants);

      Best of luck, they're adorable little dolls, so lovely to hold, and they pose so cute :)
    12. awww he's a cutie thankyou for your help TeamTwo
    13. No problem, glad to be of any help ;)

      He's a cutie for sure, and wont be leaving here, so there'll be plenty creations made for this size by me as well.
    14. hehe I couldn't get rid of any of them I don't think, I'd miss them!
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    16. I have my little Leo now and have him a wig, shorts and a top which all fit lovely, but I'm having trouble with shoes...would Blythe shoes fit him?
    17. I'd like to know this too. I actually had to commission my Leo some clothes, and the seamstress assumed he would be similar to the Lati Yellow because he was the same height- but the clothes were about a few millimetres too tight so it seems the DZ BB is a size of it's own. YO clothes are much too big for them though.

      I'd be interested to know what shoes would fit and where to get them...?
    18. Bumping this up! someone must know if Blythe shoes would fit a Leo/Luna or of any other shoes! :lol:
    19. I just heard I should be getting mine ..when I .looked at pictures of them , they look as though they are the same as the tiny animals they did ...now I know they did fit Lati yellow ..check out ESTY for fab outfits

      Ruby Red shoes ..fantastic
      Blythe oversize ..Ixtee or KingKong boots should fit
      I will know more in a couple of weeks ..its been a long wait for my little girl ...but I hope it will be over soon :)
    20. SOME lati yellow things will fit them, I think probably the tops better than pants, though. They have fat little waists and bottoms. XD Also, things that fit the DZ animals mostly fit them. My Leo has custom clothes made for him. I love him, though, he's SO MUCH FUN!!!