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DZ Doll: Standing?

Jul 7, 2007

    1. I recently got my first doll-Dollzone's Felian, and I was wondering if anyone else with a DZ doll had trouble making them stand up or sit up without the help of leaning on something or their arms! My doll can't stand or sit (well, I have gotten her to stand up by herself once or twice) without help, and I would really like to know if all DZ dolls are like this or if it's something else! Thanks!
    2. ^^;; I dont know what to say to help. Both of my DZ boys stood with no problem right out of the box.
    3. strings might be too tight?? I have found them to be a little kicky..but didn't have too much standing..
    4. My Felian and Xi can both stand on their own, but my Felian's stringing is a bit tight so it's harder to get her to stand sometimes...you may have to re-string your doll. :sweat But yes, DZ dolls should be able to stand on their own.
      My girl also has trouble sitting up, you usually need to like....pull up the top of her torso until it clicks and stays in place for some reason. My boy sits up with no trouble though.
    5. i think it's just cos the stringing is too tight. Rae stands no problem, in trainers, barefeet or in boots. But can be kicky. Day one was a bit problematic cos he wouldn't sit straight. He sometimes fall back. But nothing like loosening the strings wouldn't cure
    6. Try to stand your doll without clothes. My Sascha's legs sometimes twist and position wrong in hip socket. Keep training on dollie without clothes so you can see how body works.
      At first I had terrible problems with my boy , his legs were twisting.
      Try to stand him with legs slighly apart and spread arms.
      And patience, patience, patience...
      Sascha was a bit kicky at beginning, but DZ are great at posing.

      I agree, I sometimes have to also do the click trick :)
      And I suppose that troubles with making the doll stand are also because it's your first doll. Sascha was my first dollfie I ever had in hands and it was very surprising for me that he's so moveable. Unlike action figures or barbie.
    7. It's not nessacarily the stringing. I don't wanna discourge anyone, it's probly just my doll anyway. But, on the egde of her foot, the part right infront of the ball joint, it curves up. And on my doll, it curves higher on one foot than the other. So, she bends one foot farther than the other, making it difficult for her to stand, and almost impossible in boots.
    8. Sometimes the top half of my doll will flop over if I try to stand her up, so I'm not sure if the stringing is too tight???
    9. Blaise can stand pretty well on his own, but somewhat less well in shoes. Not sure why. As for flipping over when standing-- that's probably because she needs to be sueded. Blaise's torso falls over alot, too. So if you just suede her thigh joints, she should be OK.
    10. I got mine Moday,
      Once she was out of the box, she posed soooo human like..
      A bit later, her arms got a bit wonky (like...I'd hold them up, and with a small breeze they'd snap down) Which means, it's prolly to tight, and I'd re-string them...

      Make sure, if you've taken off her head, that both strings are conneted to the s-hook...I didn't relie, but I did that once at it was BAD XD

      My girls legs tend to just bend at random, but, my sister's doll (we got them at the same time) where lots better, and it doesn't move

      Um, I think that it's like this sorta....We ordered from JunkySpot.

      DollZone (compay main) Ships to JS, USA
      20 days at least (I'd say, give or take some) Great stringing
      Then, Junky Spot gets them.
      So, they sit, and sit, and sit, untill ordered, which can be a VERY long time in some cases..we'll say...a month...27 days.
      27 days Pretty good stringing. Not the best. NOT the best.
      then, it gets shipped to you.
      5 days. Good, but not perfect.
      52 days, so not TO long, but then again, if a doll sits for awhile, or if shipping takes more time, then yeah.

      My sister got a Shoyo, it was out of stock for awhile.
      I got a Tintan, and it was in stock for a while before.
      So, we ordered awhile after the Shoyo was in, and her's holds poses better then mine. I suggest re-stringing ^^;

      I'm not expert, so don't quote me on all this, but I'd say, serously, re-string it, cause it may work, it may not, but if it does, great if not, nothing's changed.
    11. Heh...I really have no clue how to re-string a doll...I would probably break it anyway!
    12. My DZ Mo could stand up as soon as I got him.

      With the Dollheart boots, it took a bit more time, because since they didn't fit him perfect, the soles wouldn't lay flat on the ground.

      But I bought him some DZ boots, and they make him stand PERFECT and most of the time I don't even have to position his feet anymore.
    13. I haven't re-strung mine before wither, but if you mess witht he body (pulling at upper leg) you can get good ideas

      It's best to string from the neck down <3
    14. I have had no trouble standing either the 70cm DZ Wing or the 60cm DZ special-head-girl.

      But I guess I'm good at standing, for I've made dolls that their owners couldn't, stand. (top-heavy tiny (and then we sat her down again ;)))

      Quite a lot of it is practice.

      And, as I nearly alway say, try going to a local meetup--there may be someone in your area who is 'good at standing', and if she or he can't stand up your doll, you'll know it isn't your lack of practice. When you are new to these wonderful dolls, it's sometimes hard to judge.

      Sitting--I make up any lack of sitting straight by mucking about with the torso joints to fake it.

      Good luck with your doll!

      Ann in CT
    15. Try pulling up on the upper part of the torso and take a look at the back. You should see a little notch and the part that fits into in. You want to make sure that those 2 parts are together when you are standing her (I'm going to take some pictures of this when I get my camera back tomorrow) This part of her body will make clicking noses, that mite be a little scary at first because it sounds a bit like your breaking her but you should get used to it eventually. It takes some practice to get your doll standing
    16. My Shoko, a DZ Shoyo, stands fine for me. It took me a bit to get the hang of. I generally press down on her feet ((making sure they're actually on the surface and not tilting weird)) and then work on moving her to a balanceful state. My imouto-chan has trouble standing her girl, though generally I can get it without too much trouble ((it might be for her the weight of her wig, 'cause she has one really long wig!))
    17. Of the four I have all are tight. This is worse if you buy a body seperate from a head. I restrung Xaver (Fei), couldn't get his non magnetic head cap on for anything, and I will definately restring the twins and possibly suede them when I can find thicker string. My Tintan is okay but she does like to bend her knees, it's nothing like poor X was.

      On the other hand a doll that is too lose will flop.

      Now that he's restrung he'll freestand if balanced right. No wires and no suede in those zwonky knees. Just a lot of breath holding...
    18. there's a stringing tutorial on you tube that a girl did for a CP EL, however most dolls can be strung the same way.
    19. And, in general, you can get a good idea of how they're strung just pulling joints out as they're strung to see how the elastic connects to the feet, upper body, arms/wrists and whatnot.
    20. Same, my DZ boy stands great. Could just be a stringing issue.