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DZ Mini BB Size Wigs?

Mar 27, 2009

    1. What size wig does a DZ mini BB actually wear? The site only offers brown and blonde, and I want a different color then that. Could anyone help me out? :doh
    2. Bump, please and thank you? :sweat
    3. I have a BB Luna, she fits my Dollmore 5" wigs PERFECTLY and they are really cute!!, It also fits nicely around the hairline. I also have a couple of Kemper Wigs in 5" from their BJD collection in Natural Mohair and they fit a treat, the synthetic Kemper I have in 4-5" for some reason is a little big though I believe the wig-cap was designed for a Bluette who has a different shaped noggin to Luna... Hope this helps

    4. Thank you so much:fangirl: Thay's so helpful for me too
    5. Thank you, this is very helpful to me for future purchases. However, I was looking more for different colored wigs. Like pink :doh
    6. I have my BB girl in a Luts Honey Delf size wig and it fits really well.
    7. Oh awesome. :) Thank you, that helps me out alot :D
    8. I ordered 5/6 (Lati Yellow) sized mohair wigs from sat/Blushed Roses, based on the company measures, a long time before my Luna arried, and they fit like a dream!!!

      In Royal Blue;

      In Honey Kissed;