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DZ Mo-2 and Megi-2 Chat

Dec 28, 2007

    1. Here's the news thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=184704

      Thought I'd start one for a conversation. :)

      I LOVE THE MO!

      I'd want him in tanned. Such the punk rocker...
      Gladly though they aren't limited, so I've the time. :)

      Just love the clothes! :D *squeel*

      For now I just want Mo-2's clothes & boots. >.> Anyone wanna split?
    2. yes Mo looks really hot with the new mace-up and his clothes :) Looks better than on the older versions.
      But Megi, who I did prefer more looks kind of.. pale?
    3. I always loved Megi and Mo and i was just thinking about which one i would get later after my Hid got here, but the new Mo has won me over but I LOVE both of their outfits..lending towards getting Mo outfit for my Hid...

      I'm also glad they aren't limited, cause I want a tan Mo-2
      Question is his face sculpt different than that of the first one? I think the eyes are different i can't tell.
    4. I think they both look great...I have the current version of Megi on the way to me now...I'm not too fond of the face up on the newer version though.....but the newer version of Mo is just awesome, I love everything about him...I think I know who my second doll will be lol
    5. NY_Kitty yeah i know what you mean..
      I also have a feeling who my next doll is going to be. And here I was thinking I was going to end up with girl dolls. lol
    6. The Mo is gorgeous I agree. My boyfriend and I go back and forth as to if we like the normal sculpt, but that faceup is divine! I also love Meigis outfit, we will be getting that. Mo's shirt looks a little pimping to me though - so low cut and the shape - but it will look good with a fishnet shirt under it!
    7. i want the new mo as well ^^

      I have one next to me and Mo's are love

      are the eyes are opened a little bit on the top but not much is done with the rest?

      However i do know i will be getting my Mo that outfit and i will be repainting his faceup (once i get some practice) the new faceup is just LOVE ^^ i'm aiming to try something similar to the new default but not as dark (Rae has very light hair and a soft face) but i'm tempted to get another Mo for the sake of having a cute punk/rocker boy!

      But one Mo is enough for me or else mine would get jealous.

      back on topic

      I like the new Megi. I've seen Megi before and not too big of a difference there. But the clothes i do like

      I'm very happy DZ are releasing more clothes now. The outfit can be bought seperately so no worries there.

      I got my Mo, Hid's assassin outfit... now i wish i waited to get him Mo-2s. Well he will get it when his birthday comes so i'm excited.

      Yes i'm a DZ Mo fangirl ^^ If i have a choice, i would have a tanned Mo-2 and a lovely WS Mo girl ^^ Of course my current NS Mo boy too...

      If only i had the space to put them all... (and a less jealous little boy)
    8. Oh Yeah I love Megis outfit. I think I might end up with both of their clothes. lol:D
    9. It almost makes me want another Mo! My Mo is getting pretty banged up any what not, but I really love his makeup!

      Their outfits are really nice too.
    10. They haven't changed the sculpt. I'd say it's just because it's a different faceup. Faceups can have a dramatic effect in changing the look of the same sculpt, as we all know and love how different the same doll can look just with a different face. :)
    11. Oh! I'm so relieved to read that, Moggie. I kept looking at my 2 Megis and one Mo and thinking "but... but but but... they don't look any different!"


      Do you know if Mo-2/Megi-2 in tan will be that glorious darker tan that Yuu-2 comes in? :aheartbea

    12. Yep, that tan is now their standard tan resin. :)

    13. I tottaly agree! MY Megi had WS and orange faceup and to be honest he looked terrible >__<
      WS didnt match the faceup and moreover didnt match the clothes colours.

      New Mo and Megi look very very nice , and it's great to know Dollzone is making new things :)
    14. The new Megi-02 is just beautiful I have a soft spot of Megi-01 he was my first large BJD. Mo-02 is just beautiful also. I have always loved the punk-goth Mo's I have seen here on DoA. That is one of the reasons I love my old Megi in his default face up. He can wear a "J-Pop" costume and still look very good. The new Megi cannot pull that look of as well but there are so many BJD fans who will love the new softer look. I hope for more great things from DZ. BTW G-Rocka I was thinking I may get the Mo costume for my Hid (I am waiting for him.) too someday.
    15. I love the new Mo! I've always thought that was their best sculpt (so he was my first doll), but I've never seen any face ups that did him justice; I'm glad this one does :D.

      I don't really like Megi though, at all :sweat. I do like him (I'm even waiting for one), but I really don't like his look there.
    16. That new Mo faceup is wonderful! He would be great as my Mo Nasake's human face look.

      They could have done better with the Megi faceup, though. I adore the faceup I got with my Megi, after sending him back to China for a re-do.

      Megi and Mo guys are awesome!

      Those clothes are all tempting, too. Dollzone is going to kill me...
    17. Ah...that's a relief :sweat I just ordered Mo and Megi, the old versions, but without clothes or a face up. I'm too cheap to buy those extras, so I'm glad I'm not missing out on a new sculpt. But the new styles look awesome >_<-
    18. I so love them ! :D
      Make me a bit sad that i ordered my meigi before Christmas >.<
      Mo is so beautiful too, the face-up they create is great !
      *my wallet will be sad in the future I think :lol: *
    19. Oh yum. :)

      I do so love my DZ miniboys (I have... five now *gulp*) May may need a dark chocolate Mo somewhere here... ;) But wait, that would be an even number and would mess up my feng shui or something (right. any excuse will do). Might have to get two of 'em! :)

      *cough* and a new room to house them all...
    20. I feel that way. My Mo is love, but i love his faceup too much. Still the new one makes me go 'i want'

      that's good to know ^^" (I always thought Mo's had small eyes until i tilted Rae's head up and saw it was the same size)