DZ promotion event

Apr 27, 2012

    1. Thank you for your long time loving and supporting on DZ,now we have a discount event for some of our dolls, here’s the list.

      Nude doll /fullest/head: Fei-2, Yuri-2, Yume-2, Ray, Nina, Hutou, Shuangshuang, Zhuwei, Kay, July, Judy, Anna, Burton,

      Event time is from 1-May- 2012 to 31-May-2012

      During this time, you can get a 22% discount off if you buying one of the dolls or heads on the list.

      P.S. The discount is only for these listed dolls and heads, not for all. Tan skin won’t have the discount. So pls don’t choose tan skin for these dolls and heads.

      Then, after this event, these dolls and heads will be stopped forever. If you love them, don’t hesitate ^ ^

      DZ Team