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DZ: Whats The Difference Between the original and "2"?

Apr 7, 2008

    1. I've noticed that there are now certain DZ msds such as Shoyo 2, Megi 2, Mo 2, etc. What is the difference between them and the original? Are their faces slightly different, do they have different bodies? *_* I'm so confused...
    2. I believe they are exactly the same, the only difference is the faceup :) .
    3. Also (unrelated) - there were also V1 and V2 girl bodies for the earliest girls (Nina and Demi?). The first body was shorter.

    4. I have an original Mo-Wen. He is much snarkier looking than the new M02. His eyes are more closed. The new Mo looks more like a Megi than my Mo-Wen. Also the bodies are about 1 cm shorter.


    5. No difference in them at all as far body and head sculpt go. The only difference is that the 2's are fullsets with different faceups and all the bits like clothes etc. :)
    6. Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me! The confusion was driving me insane. :sweat
    7. Can someone show pictures of the two different Megi/Megi-2 face-ups? I ordered a Megi-2 non-fullset with face-up but I believe I was shipped the original Megi (the eyebrows look more gray/silver than the Megi-2's which look brown). I wouldn't be upset about it if I hadn't been charged an extra $40 for the Megi I received that is supposed to be Megi-2 that I originally ordered(I like the way Megi-2 looks better). *_* Sorry if this is confusing but I'm kind of upset.
    8. version 2 is a fullset comes with faceup and clothes.
    9. i do know that the older version of dollzone boys liek my YI have crappy hands T.T
    10. i do belive ive heard that the nina ver 1's mold was more childlike. i have tthe latest version, so i dont kkno if that is true.
    11. My Ami is different from first version, she has dreaming eyes instead of sleeping. Also her mouth looks little different. SD X2 looks also different, he has teeth showing. So maybe some are little bit different, or slightly "made better" than the original ones.
    12. Mostly, the 2 versions have a different faceup ad oufit,posibly different bodies and mayyyybe some tweaking/change to the sculpt.
      Actually,and I'm not sure about any other DZ sculpts, but for X (And I have two of them XD) the difference isn't in the sculpt, it's in the painting. My X2 head had his teeth painted, while his twin, who was sold as an X1 or just X did not. The paint can make all the difference in the look of the sculpt
    13. Hmm...it still looks mostly like a faceup thing to me, but I see what you mean, and it does look like they might have deepened the mouth opening on X 3. X 3 looks completely different to the other two; I barely recognise the sculpt in those pictures, and I see two of them every day! *lol* (Xs do all have teeth, but DZ doesn't always paint them. It's weird. XD)

      I do see a physical difference in some of the other dolls, though. To me Megi 2 looks more open eyed than Megi 1 and 3. And there are most definitely differences in hands. My Mo has a completely different set of hands to what my friend's Mo has. One doll's hands are shorter and broader than the other's hands. there seem to be differences in face sculpt between Mo 1 and whichever Mos it is that she and I have. Ours look more half-lidded-eyed and devious than the original Mo. Anyone else see this with their Mos or Megis or am I crazy?
    14. Hands wise there is a different set of hands that came with the older models. You can still get the original hands. MSD wise, I really don't think there isn't a difference in them. It's just the way that some of them are painted and what they come with. Aaron 1 and Aaron 2 came out at the same time and had different face ups. The reason why some of them look different is that some of the face molds have features that can be hidden or highlighted depending on the faceup. Megi, for instance, is one of those molds. Mine looks nothing like Megi-2 or Megi-3, and the artist who painted my Megi has one of her own, and the two of them look different. If you browse the Megi database, many of them look vastly different. However, if you look at the base face mold, which Dollzone sells individually, you can actually see what the base mold looks like. Demi is a good example of one that doesn't matter what faceup she has, she looks the same, so Demi-1 and Demi-2 look the same.

      I don't know about the other sizes, but as I said a lot of DZ dolls look vastly different if they're painted in a different way.
    15. my Megi-2 default face-up: