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E.I.D head on an S.I.D body (Iplehouse)

Oct 17, 2010

    1. Can you put an Iplehouse EID head on an SID body?
      How different would the proportions be? (Would the head be too "bobble-head-like")

      Thanks, would love to know. :)
    2. People have asked this of Iplehouse, and the answer they get tends to be that it works with the female sculpts -- which is why they've sold the EID female heads on SID female bodies in some cases directly already -- but not with the males. You can see some of the female heads on alternating bodies in Iple's gallery. :)
    3. Thanks very much! It's a shame that the EID male head is too big on an SID body. ^^
    4. If you're wanting to put an EID head on the SID body, and the proportions don't bother you, have you considered trying Apoxie Sculpt to fill in the neck hole? Apologies if that's old news :)

      But I thought I'd offer the suggestion, as that is what I will probably be doing... I am going to put a Luo head onto an SID body...
    5. I would love to see it when you're done with the apoxie sculpt! 8D Then I'll strongly consider doing the same.
      Thank you very much for the suggestion. :)
    6. You're welcome! It'll be a few months before the pieces get here, but you can rest assured I will be posting pictures of him when I do finally have him home!
    7. Oh no problem. ^^ Just post somes pictures when he's all done and ready. Best of luck!
    8. I actually think the EID women is also look a bit big on SID women body? anyone feel the same as me. If you see the picture comparison between EID women and SID women on their gallery (page 53 I think??) the EID body is bigger in proportion, so how come it can fit a smaller body like SID. Anyway I would love to have Carina head on SID body :) :P
    9. I do agree... I wish Iplehouse made the proportions not too far off so we could put them on SID bodies... I want Tedros on and SID body... I don't think that's going to happen. ^^
      And Might I say, Carina is beautiful.
    10. Hi from Marrickville to Littlegreythings!

      Your Favorite Regret : I love Tedros face as well, but I think his head will be huge on SID men body (a bit Manga looking though lol) I just got good news from IH my Jessica is on her way home :) just 27 working day, I am surprise indeed (after heard so much bad stuffs about IH, so I hope my Jessica will be correctly made as I ordered) as much I love Carina face, but I still feel that her face still so similar to Jessica just a bit more smile, I have to think again about SID women, not sure what head to put ???
    11. You're not the only ones who are frustrated by this! I really want Bichun for one of my characters, but the character is supposed to be very short (I want a 58cm body for him), and there's no way I can get an EID male head to work on even the 65cm SID male body, much less a smaller one!
    12. Oh Jessica is lovely, I hope you enjoy your girl when she gets there. :) And you're definatly right, sometimes I have the hardest time picking who to go with!
    13. Oh I completely understand. I character I want Tedros to be, is suppost to be shorter as well. Putting him on the SID body though won't work, which is really quite depressing. =_=
      Trying to put him on a body even smaller then the SID body, would need a LOAD of scultping customization... I don't even know if it's possible even AFTER trying to sculpt it. ^^ I wish Iplehouse had some special order where they would sculpt it to work with smaller bodies... That's most likely impossible, but you can still wish right? :)
    14. I hold out hope...after all, they've released a JID version of Asa...
    15. Are there any pictures of the gap under the chin with the EID head on the SID body?
      I'd love Luo as a SID!
    16. I haven't found any good ones yet, but when I do I'll post them (:

      As for the JID Asa, HORRAY! It's a start. However, I think IH needs major improvements done with their Y.I.Ds.
    17. Jacobean, I've got a Luo head on the way, and he's going to reside on my SID body, so when he gets here I'll post pics :)
    18. Great, thanks guys. :abow:

      The neck hole can always be filled if it's bothersome.
    19. Any more new photos for this thread? My Tedros head looks small to me, even on his model body, maybe because he has a rather narrow jaw, compared to some of the other EID guys. I think he would look ok on a smaller body. I wish Iplehouse would have a body sale again.