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e-mail from Doll & Hobby about the end of selling Volks

Sep 28, 2005

    1. I just got this e-mail, am posting it for people not on the e-mail list for D & H

      -----Original Message-----
      From: DHS Customer Service [mailto:info@doll-hobby.com]
      Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 2:04 PM
      Subject: Volks

      We have been notified this week that our contract with Volks expires in
      October. On expiration, we will no longer be shipped items from Volks.
      expect at least one more shipment in between, but we cannot be sure.
      information we have been receiving from Volks on our future has been
      to say the least.

      Many of you may have noticed the "Moving Sale" on our site. We are
      the store in DeLand either by Thanksgiving, or New Year's, depending on
      remaining merchandise. We will be moving to St. Augustine at that
      time. I
      believe we will not reopen a retail store. Mail order will continue as
      usual. I don't feel we will have any Volks items left by that time, I
      be removing items from the site as they sell out.

      With no reason other than Volks to carry Mr. Super Clear, we have
      all orders for this in anticipation of our loss of Volks products. I
      this doesn't inconvenience too many of you, but it's not the easiest
      for me to import.

      I want to thank all of you that have been customers through the years.
      We'll miss this part of our business, it's been fun. We're
      things turned out this way, but we have no control over the situation.
      would like to stay involved in the hobby, but it seems like none of the
      companies are interested in selling product to stores in the US.

      If you have questions or comments about what is happening, it may be
      you contact Volks direct at either imos@volks.co.jp or

      Thanks again for everything, Frank.
    2. I just saw that,too... such a bummer.. I bought my big girl from them...and bunches of stuff...

      *scrambles to see what's left in stock*

    3. Does that mean our pre-orders for clothing was cancelled too? o_o I'm so glad the Nagoya dolls were done before this.
    4. I have emailed them to ask if the clothing order will be filled or not. I am guessing that Frank is not sure or I think he would have said.

      I will let you know on here as soon as I get a reply!!

      I am really sad about it. Is volks going to be stocking the new volks store with Dolpa dolls? I guess thats the next question! or will we have 1 mins to get the doll on the online after Dolpa sale.

      I hope Volks understand just how hard it will be for the USA fans if there is no REAL preorder for us here.
    5. Got the e-mail from Doll-Hobby also. This is very sad. Doll-Hobby did a lot to promote Volks and make the dolls and accessories available to the U.S. (never mind that I didn't have to pay ebay prices!). Barb in MA
    6. As soon as the Volks store opens here it would be a very good question to ask the manager there.

      And if the answer is we are not sure if we will get dolpa dolls. It would be time for a group letter from DOA so they know just how hard it is for us. How we feel about scalper prices and how much we hope that Volks will keep us in mind! Also the very fast sell out time of the online after event so they know that is not really an option.

      I got a reply from Frank he said he is not sure what is coming. So I guess we better not be too attached to our clothing order!! I ordered 5 different outfits.
    8. I was very sad to see that email, since every transaction I've had with Frank and the staff has been positive.

      I suppose that we're all going to have to wait to see how and if the LA Volks store will be serving the rest of the country. I hope that they have planned for this, since they will now be our only official outlet. (The secondary market will always be there, though!)

    9. That's a bummer, and I'm glad I got to go to their store when I did.
      However, this really means that unless we're in LA, our chances of getting Dollpa dolls is totally shot, unless they start a pre-order system here.
    10. Aw...before I got my chance to order from them. :cry:

      I guess this is all the more reason for taking my early vacation to L.A. to the Volks Store...
    11. that's too bad. i've ordered a few smaller volks things from them before.
    12. Thanks for emailing him!

      :cry: I hope it goes through because I really wanted the sleeping YO's pajamas!
    13. I really hope that this means that the Volks LA store will be stocking 1/6 Dollfies. It would be madness (for values of madness which equal really bad business) to stock only SDs and MSDs.

      (Also, I have 17 dollfies here that want friends and clothes, and I am not going to disappoint them. Those pointy little hands can do a lot of damage.)

      I wish they were still dealing through Doll Hobby. Their preorder was so easy to use.
    14. Oh No. i have pre-ordered a body from them, but we have been in contact and frank hasn't promised anything, but he didn' say no. I wonder if I will ever get a dd2 body?
    15. I think a big part here, is that Volks is opening up their own store, they may feel that D&H would be redundant.

      and unfortunately, it's always the case that you don't know if you'll get any or everything from doll and clothing preorders with D&H. (not through D&H's fault, but because Volks can't always send enough of everything)

      I'm sad that this is happening, Frank has been helping us get SD stuff for a long time (like 3 years or so!) so it is an end of an era. And I'm sure that everyone is very grateful for all the service he's given us over the years (and the money he's saved us by not having to go through scalpers!)
      But (this my personal opinion) I don't think that complaining to the manager at the new Volks store would be a helpful or good idea. *_* We don't really know the whole situation, or what's going to happen or why they made this decision. There's a lot of changes going on. (like us (north american) folks being able to join the SD club, and with the Volks store coming up opening in the next month or two....)
    16. Sad news :( ! D&H helped me get my Sweet Dream Rengemaru :D , and for that I am very grateful!
    17. /;_; So I guess now that VOLKS is opening its official Tenshi no Sumika in LA, they won't be doing business with D&H anymore...? That's really terrible...! /;_; I LOVED that I could access them easily, as I live in Florida and drive past them on my way to and from my college in Georgia. This raises so many sad thoughts for me...: Will they be able to fill the order I made with them before they're gone for good? Why didn't I get the Touya they had there for $900 when I had the chance? What will I do about my VOLKS desires in the future?? Even though it's possible to make purchases on the internet, there's something I deeply prefer about being able to look at and touch what I'm buying before I bring it home... /;_; I won't have tactile access to my dolls and doll products in the future, because Volks' US Tenshi no Sumika is in the absolute FARTHEST location possible from me and my home.
    18. This IS sad news. Frank was instrumental in my getting Arashi, and he was so nice and helpful about it too. :(

      I understand though if Volks feels that a distributor is no longer necessary once they have an official Volks store, though obviously some disagree (and I would too, since the USA is a huge country, much larger than Japan, and yet we would have still only only ONE single store that one is able to buy Volks products from, unlike the several stores they have in various cities in Japan.)

      I really hope the Volks store in LA will also be able to place pre-orders for Dolpa dolls in the same manner as D&H has, because otherwise the possibilities of getting them at a non-scalper price are once again close to non-existent. :/
    19. *sigh* I've known this was coming for a while... Frank has been trying to get in touch with several Korean doll makers to see about selling their dolls, but none has replied to his emails as of yet...
    20. yeah, it would really suck if it took down our chances of getting non-scalper dolls. the funny thing is that volks hates it for people to buy through scalpers...! So I hope they realize how hard it is for us to get the limiteds.