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May 1, 2007

    1. I've got an Angel Fantasy Lily and I'd like to pierce her ears, I've seen SD's with earrings, but... I look at her ears and I'm affraid, they are so small... Does anybody got any MSD, Unoa, etc with earrings?
    2. I have 43cm Naraes and a Unoa Lusis. I have pierced all their ears.
      I used (from hobby store) a small screw driver hand drill. I looks like a small srew driver you would use for eyeglasses. You have control of how fast you drill.

    3. i have a Narae/Unoa sized doll and she has pierced ears. The company did it for me. if you're scared of doing it yourself, there are customizers who will do it for you in the marketplace.
    4. Thanks for replying, tkdesigns and sspearls.

      There is a couple of shops near home I would ask for drills small enough to do the job, but I'm not sure if I would dare to do it myself! :eek:
    5. sspearls, what size wire fits in her ears? for example, I'm getting a Narae with company-pierced ears...would human jewelry fit at all? I've seen very small earrings at boutique-type stores like Claires, but they're all about the same gauge wire as larger, more complex earrings, and I got nervous about it. Would small studs/hoops fit her?
    6. My 45'' or so has earrings, but they're fake 'cause I ph33r for piercing them myself. XD Yay superglue!
    7. I have a B&G girl with her ears peirced. I used a needle though. Currently, she is wearing baby earings(I had them when I was a little girl?).


      As you can see, only the smallest earing there will fit.​
    8. Human earrings don't have any kind of regulation on size. The wire or post can be anywhere from 24gauge to 16gauge on a standard store-bought earring. If you're going to make scale earrings for your doll with thin wire you can use a hobby drill or pin + hammer to pierce your doll's ear. The smallest bit my dremel came with (about 18 gauge) is just big enough for most Claire's earrings to fit, but it definately looks like a large-gauge piercing on any doll. You can also glue on gems or earring-fronts to simulate the look!
    9. Re drilling - anyone know what gauge wire most tyler earrings use?

      Also depending on the shape of the back of the earlobe, you may be able to make earrings that stay on by just gripping the earlobe. The top would be something like a bendable jump ring - when gripping the earlobe it will look like it goes through.

    10. sorry i didn't see this until now. My Narae had company-pierced ears, and i had to widen them a little to get earrings through. i think they do it like that so they're not that noticable. . . my Yern's pierced ears are huge though.

    11. Tkdesigns-- I would love a tutorial on how you pierced your Unoa's ears. I have pierced some of my other bjds years, but Unoas are a world apart.

      Any words of wisdom? or photos?