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Easiest Dolls To Buy Clothes For?

Aug 23, 2016

    1. Wondering what brands people find are the easiest dolls to buy clothes for. There are so many opinions and I am wondering what the general opinion was.
    2. I'd think pretty much anything that was a standard size. Volks, for the most part, still seems to be the benchmark. For bigger dolls, SD13 boys/girls, SD16 girls, and SD17 boys are the most common sizes I see. It gets a bit harder with minis, since things are either geared towards MSDs or Unoa/Minifee.
    3. I'm finding that seems to be the same as well, but it gets harder when your SD doll is a bit of a weird size such as my Doll Legends doll. It seems all I can find is for the Minnifees from Fairyland.
    4. The easiest dolls to find clothes for depend on where you're looking and what's currently popular. At the moment, minifees are very popular, so if you're looking on Etsy, the majority of what you're going to find is going to be for Minifee. If you look at some of the other places around the web, nine9style, tata's paradise, alice collections etc, the easiest size to find stuff for there is anything that fits into the standard 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 measurements, generally based off the measurements of Volks dolls, from my understanding. The DoA Wiki seems to have the measurements for most of those if you want to compare measurements.
    5. The most versatile clothes-wise seem to be the standard slim boys or girls in the 58-63cm range. I never get that lucky. I always end up sewing for everybody.
    6. It's not the easiest brands to buy clothes for... it's the sizes those brands make that you need to look at, as others have said. Look at Volks measurements for Yo-SD (1/6), MSD (1/4), SD (1/3)... Then think SD with longer arms and body and legs for 70cm sizes... Volks SD-17 is sometimes mentioned as a kind of newer standard. For large muscle bodies, Iplehouse EID and SID are popular enough to have clothes being made for them, and you can check against those measurements to see if clothes fit.

      Most variety and sheer amount of clothes--probably made for 1/3 boys and girls.

      The larger than SD, 70cm or more muscled, that gets a bit harder.

      1/4 is a popular size (which equates with amount of doll clothes being made for them), but there's a division between slim/more mature and traditional MSD... with Fairyland's popularity making the slim mini clothes gain in popularity.

      Tinies come in so many hugely different sizes that they are the most difficult to shop for... with some being more hard than others.

      So take a brand like Fairyland... It's popular, so you have a good chance at finding clothes for them. But it STILL depends on the SIZE. Realpukis are tiny and while some people make clothes that size, most do not. FL's 1/4 dolls are "slim mini" sized and you can find clothes... but SD sized is still easiest to find clothes for... Some of FL's 1/3 sizes aren't exactly SD-1/3-SD13 sized... so for better fits you need to find clothes made just for those sizes, and that limits the ease of finding... although they could still fit into most 1/3 sized clothes...

      Most brands make a 1/3 sized doll because it's a popular size and you can find clothes for it. If the brand is popular and the size is popular, then that increases the likelihood you'll find clothes.

      But you also have to figure in the variables, such as what STYLES you are looking for... Certain styles are more likely in certain sizes.
    7. I've owned many dolls in all sizes and finding clothes in a large variety of styles has been easiest for my SD boys in the 58-62cm standard range who can wear SD13 or SD17 clothes. Most boy bodies in that range are fairly similar so they can share. My girls have been much harder. Though I have two girls who are 58cm, one is far too thick/large busted for standard SD13 clothing and the other is so slender everything falls off of her!

      Minifee girls are super easy to shop for. Standard MSD seems pretty easy too. YoSD isn't bad if they aren't chubby or over 26/27cm.

      My hardest to shop for have been my Iplehouse SID girl and nYID boy (so thick!), Asleep Eidolon 30cm and 16cm (they're so chubby!) and 2D 1/3 girl body (huge hips, tiny shoulders and arms.)
    8. Think about it this way, where do we get the terms SD17 SD13 etc? The brand that invented the terms therefore are more likely to have more options available. I do find though that Freedom Teller also caters to those hard to find EID bodied gentlemen.
    9. The easiest to clothe, to me, are the SD13 boys. You can find so many styles of clothing for them. SD13 boy clothes are also easier to find second hand at fabulous prices.
    10. SD-13, -17, SuperDollfie, Yo-SD, MSD, etc.-- all these are VOLKS brand names. Volks started the whole modern resin (Asian) BJD thing with their SuperDollfies (1/3 size), and went on to pioneer the 1/4 size (MiniSuperDollfie-MSD) and 1/6 size (Yo-SD), and 1/3-plus sizes like SD-17. Because Volks started things and remain popular and innovative, we still use a lot of their terms and other companies make their dolls and head and clothing to match those sizes.

      Volks is pretty exclusive, so you can find Volks clothes, but not as much as all the various companies that make dolls and clothes in those sizes. The majority of doll companies make SD13 size dolls and clothes (1/3 or 60cm to use the generic terms). That is still the most popular size, but the 70cm and SD17 (65-70cm) are growing in popularity and might almost be as popular now. More of the slender styles than the muscle men. AND 1/4 sizes are about as popular--people love the easier to handle size. AND there are tons of 1/6 and smaller sized dolls being made--but the sizes are all over the place aside from Volks' Yo-sd size, which has been around the longest and which other companies made dolls and clothes to fit. But the non-Yo-sized tiny dolls definitely are outnumbering the generic 1/6, now.

      So just looking at Volks the brand isn't that helpful--BUT looking at their doll sizes (mostly the classics: SD-13, etc.), still is important because of the history and the many dolls that are made in similar sizes (and therefore--clothes made in those sizes). Those MEASUREMENTS are still important and still used to describe sizes.

      Because of the history-- SD13 being the first and oldest style of bjds and other companies starting up by making dolls and clothes in that size, this is totally true. Lots of second-hand items will be in that size because they have been available for years and bought by lots of people. Now there are more dolls in different sizes, so clothes sizes vary more--but for YEARS, it was all SD13 sizes, with some MSD (not slim) sizes...
    11. Alices Collection lists average doll sizes with their clothing listings. I've bought lots from there and it varies a lot by manufacturer - I've had '1/3 girl' outfits which were huge on my average size 1/3 girl (B&G Sandra in my avatar), and items which were a tight fit. But mainly stuff fits her from there, so I'm fairly confident when ordering '1/3' size for her, and the same goes for my average 1/3 boys like Angel of Dream. My Dollzone dolls have been a bit more tricky, with 1/3 size tops and hips, but longer legs than average, or the girls with bigger hips than average - same with their newer 1/4 dolls which have wider hips and narrower shoulders than average. Feet are also a bit difficult - I've bought so many pairs of shoes which never fitted the doll I bought them for - too narrow or too short or too big - very frustrating! My AoD 1/3 girl and my Impldoll idol girl have had to wear boy's shoes, as their feet are too big for most girl's shoes.
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