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Ebay Seller Coolcat-coolcat: Big Shoes

Feb 8, 2008

    1. I ordered some shoes from Coolcat on ebay about a month ago, and i am very dissapointed with the shoes i ordered. They are ballet-like shoes, not boots, and are obscenely too big for my Delf's feet. The item description said "Super Dollfie /Luts Girl" so i just assumed they would fit, and while the foot does fit inside the shoe, they are about half a cm too tall in the toe and are too wide. The shoe's toe looks like a clown shoe! The auction DOES give the measurement of the shoe (7.5cm X 3.2cm) so the fault is mine i suppose for not having busted out the measuring tape on my girl's foot.

      Coolcat as an individual had great communication and there was no real deception, I jsut wanted to offer my product analysis of these particuar shoes: Way too big for a Delf girl!

      Mods, if this is the wrong place to post, please move it, im sorry >.<
    2. It arrived quickly, but didn't look anything like in the photos. And now, the wig hairs are falling out. Still, it was a decent first wig... can't complain too much.
    3. Is coolcat good for s-hooks and elastic string?
      I was going to order some that the site says will fit hound but the last two stories don't sound too good=/
    4. I ordered through Coolcat through a group order run by pegapup. It was a lovely transaction! I ordered a button up shirt in pewter, and the quality was lovely; the price was also great. I've also placed another order for some elastic, S-hooks, and more clothing.

      Shipping was also fast. I'm placing another order soon! I think Cool Cat is lovely to deal with. And I know of many stores that have problems with sizing, as dolls are so varied. Key phrases to look out for are always: "Fits SD/13, Luts Delf" for boys (I've never shopped for girls); many auctions simply do that as a vague reference to 60cm. But any can attest to the fact that SD13 clothes are much larger than Luts-sized clothes. (I've had a few mix-ups, myself, but the information is always there). It's always best to check measurements instead. :3
    5. I have repeatedly ordered from Coolcat/Amber, and I have to say that I am so glad that I found her site! I originally ordered through eBay, where she will gladly combine shipping. Items were delivered very quickly, too.

      I go through Coolcat to get elastic, s-hooks, neck "donuts" for Luts dolls, and silicone "kips" discs. I LOVE the discs and I will never hot glue suede my dolls again!
    6. I have ordered hooks, elastic and facemasks from coolcat and find them all fantastic and great to deal with. Shipping is generally fast and I haven't had problems with ANY of the items I've purchased.
    7. I agree with everyone else, invest in one of those little flexible measuring tapes, and always double check sizes. Also, avoid items with general descriptions of "fits x, x, and x" when you know each of those dolls listed are all a bit different.

      I"m ordering a TON of kips, s-hooks, elastic, etc for all my kids (and lots to spare) from cool cat, so i'll let you know how it goes... but overall I have a few friends who have ordered from them in the past and were thrilled with the items that they got (and the prices).

      KIPS are an absolutely wonderful invention. They pose just as well if not better than sueding can do (in my opinion), and the kips don't get dirty and messy like other types of sueding can eventually do.

      If you buy KIPS on the volks site it costs a lot more, plus you pay an arm and a leg for shipping. These coolcat kips are the same thing (it's just a silicone washer) and save you a lot of money. Unless you can find a plumbing store or something that carries these locally, this is the only place i've found to buy them besides volks.
    8. Oh good! Sounds like they are a good seller.
      I just went ahead and ordered s-hooks, string, and facecovers from their other site(not ebay)- so I will post a comment about them when I get my order.
      So far everything has been quick; they shipped my order right after I paid^_^
    9. I ordered a wig cap and some wefted hair from the cool cat website. Communication was really good, and they sent the items out basically the moment I paid :)

      I'll definitely order from them again!
    10. I order quite a bit from Coolcat through their Ebay store. Wigs, clothing, and carriers. The communication is great, they always refund any unused shipping, and the stuff is top notch. Especially the carriers, I have bought 2 from them and recently ordered a 3rd one.
    11. I ordered 2 wigs from Coolcat (waiting on second wig ordered 9-12) The quality is great lovely wig suits all my girls so I ordered another ! Shipping is fast the moment you paid they ship out.
    12. I ordered several items from Coolcat.. She's a pleasure to deal with. ^^
    13. I ordered a wig from her off e-bay, and it is DEVINE!! Suits morgan and fits like a dream, there is a little shedding but nothing major, I will order from her agian.
    14. No problems with coolcat here,
      bought some elastic and s-hooks for commission work.
      Did move to pupapa tho... better quality [my opinion XB ]

      big shoes:
      about 90% of all sd and msd shoes are to big,

      My sd girls have at least 5 pairs of msd shoes which fit perfectly ~__~

      Volks vs Korean doll sizes indeed plays a big part in this,
      but that still doesn't explain the huge luts and dollmore shoes D:"