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Ebay seller, Releaserain

Jan 6, 2007

    1. I'm hoping it's okay to post this here. Forgive me if I'm violating any rules. :sweat

      I was browsing Ebay and happened to come across a Hong Kong based ebay store called Releaserain. I discovered that they are selling at least four seperate "handmade" outfit for SD girls that look suspiciously similar to outfits that were once sold on the Luts site which are all now unavailable, I believe. There are differences, like different fabric, so I'm sure they are handmade, but they're copyright violations if nothing else.

      And I forgot which company site I saw it at, but there was an elaborate SD-sized prince outfit that I've seen before, as well. I'm thinking either Volks, Dream of Doll, or Souldoll...

      They are also selling wigs, and it seems they are trying to claim that they make them. But they are Luts designs (and again, probably designs from other companies). But the pictures are stolen directly off the Luts site.

      Oh, and there was one that looked like the limited wig of the Ducan Elf from Dream of Doll. I'm sure they've taken other designs, as well.

      Here is the link to their dollfie listings: Link

      I just wanted to give everyone a headsup to not buy from this seller. In fact, feel free to report them with me. Maybe more than one report will actually get them banned from Ebay for a change. I've also contacted Luts about it, as well.
    2. Ugh, how blatant can you get? There's a 7-8 wig up that is shown on a Miyu from the luts site. So not only are they claiming it as their own, they don't have the sizes right and probably do not even have the item. Thank you for the heads up!!
    3. No problem. I'm reporting them right now. There are several 8-9 limited wigs being sold, using pics from the Luts site, as well. And I'm pretty sure the one 1/3 girl outfit they're selling was a limited dress from Luts (looks like a company picture, as well). Most of these items are no longer available, though. The one inlace set and some of the wigs still are, though.

      I dunno, it's possible they're making the wigs themselves to sell, and are making that one in size seven and eight. It's what they're doing with the outfits they're selling. They aren't Luts outfits, they're handmade (and not nearly as well), but they're extremely similar.

      People like this thoroughly disgust me. Seriously. Do they think they won't be caught? It's a blatant insult to our intelligence. :roll:
    4. Are you talking specifically about the pink and white victorian dress? That one really has me wowed. They show the dress on the doll, and then the pieces, which totally don't match, with just a disclaimer "may not match above image"
    5. Yeah, it's troubling, but weird, since they have mostly good feedback, i was going to buy an msd dress from them a couple of days ago, but decided to get a dollheart bag instead. ><
    6. eew i bought a pair of shoes from them... i didnt notice they were selling this stuff... i feel bad now... look at their 9pc woman's suit- using the sylvia pictures... the product photo actually LOOKS like cheap knockoff im so disgusted...

      and i hate to say this, but look, they are in hong kong. can you have a worse self-perpetuating stereotype than that???
    7. GAH! I HATE Ebay! I spent 45 minutes trying to report this thing, for the one wig and the pink inlace set that's still actually sold on Luts. And when I sent it it said page not responding 'cause it's down for maintenence, and when I hit the back button everything I'd typed was lost! *spitting nails*

      Their reporting system seriously sucks. No wonder everyone gets away with selling illegal junk on that place. It's too much of a pain in the ass to report them for it! :vein

      Well, I posted a message on the Luts MB to let Luts know, and left it open for other customers to read as well. Hopefully it'll warn people, and Luts can take legal matters into their own hands.
    8. Yeah, that's one of them, but there was also the black and red set (Nu-ri-na? Na-nu-ri? lol I forget what it's called, something along those lines), that is no longer available at luts. There's also the pink Inlace set that still is.

      And a number of wigs, as well (most of which are also sold out). I've also seen a few wigs from Dream of Doll posted up, as well. But they used actual pictures from the Luts site for the Luts wigs.
    9. What is making me curious is just how much feedback this person has had, and how long they have been running, and no one noticed sooner?

      For those of us curious, but very lazy, can we have some comparison links?
    10. Ooh I've always been curious about this seller o.o;; if they're taking pictures directly from other sites like luts and trying to pass it off as their own photos... or reproducing outfits from other places and making claims like "this is luts limited outfit such an such" when it's actually something they've just sewn themselves... then that's pretty dishonest... but if the items are things they're producing themselves (even if it is copying another designer :/), and clearly stating that they've made the items themselves, and showing a picture of the actual item you receive whether or not there's also a picture stolen from luts... I'm not sure how "fraudulant" that makes them if they actually deliver their products..

      I'm still looking for auctions that use pics directly from other sites and only those pictures, instead of showing pictures of the actual item you receive...
    11. Original - Copy
      Outfit by well-known Yahoo!Japan seller "siojimomo".

      Original - Copy
      Outfit by well-known Yahoo!Japan seller "Jagger Stone Chic". Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact outfit, but it's completely obvious who the designer is. The model, the photo style, the outfit itself, the blank area where "Jagger Stone Chic" was Photoshopped off the auction image...

      Original - Copy
      Another outfit stolen from a well-known Yahoo!Japan seller. It's another one where you recognize the seller immediately because of the outfit style, model, photo style, ect.

      What pisses me off is that not only are they copying the designs of well-known sellers (whose work deserves the prices their auctions typically fetch), but they also use the original images to hawk their own shoddy rip-offs. So they're stealing designs, stealing photos, and stealing the reputations of the original sellers, not to mention the money of anyone who gets suckered in.

      Edit: Found the third link I wanted - the exact auction the photos were ripped from.
    12. I'll confess, I've purchased from them--they deliver and quickly. I've only gotten wigs, I have no idea if they make them themselves, but they were decent quality. At the time I thought maybe they just had some of the company's wigs "in stock," maybe I was being naive or just really happy to have found wigs that i had a hard time getting from other places :( I have no clue about the clothes tho, I'm rarely ever on Y!J
    13. I bought from them also just a wig, I liked the doll model they had after I had bought the wig and people told me it was a Lati doll wig, and I felt weird because I didn't know and they wern't even using their own pictures, just cutting off the brand/watermark :(
    14. I've noticed on most of their pages they say "Hand-made", and not "All hand-made by me", which may explain how they're still able to sell. They could claim "I never once stated that I said these were my own creations -- only that they were indeed hand-made". *shrug*

      Just playing devil's advocate here!
    15. The fact is, the outfits sold by Luts are copyrighted/trademarked by Luts. Even if they're no longer being sold, they're still copyrighted/trademarked by Luts. If this seller is selling outfits that are NOT Luts outfits, but look that similar to them, than they are in violation of copyright/trademark laws. And there are differences between the outfits they're selling and the ones Luts sell. The ones Releaserain is selling seem to be made of different fabrics, and seem to be poorly-sewn compared to the outfits on Luts. But the designs are pretty much exactly the same.

      And honestly, why would they say handmade if they weren't implying that they were the ones who made them?

      Oh, and the fact that they are using pictures taken directly from the Luts site, especially with the wigs, which are also copyrighted to Luts, does not help their case. Ebay does not allow that. It's expressed in the rules. Trust me, I've looked.
    16. *shrugs* Don't know why they're still around, then. Probably legality with the verbage... That's what I would guess.
    17. Or it could be just that Ebay is really slow in dealing with stuff like this. A few months ago, I reported a seller for attempting to pass of Friends 2B Made clothes as Hopscotch Hill clothes made by a "doll boutique", and selling them for WAY more than they were worth (on the real site you could get an outfit for maybe $12, he was selling them at around $20). And he made no mention of them being from Friends 2B Made, which I'm pretty sure is illegal since the clothes are trademarked by them. As far as I know, he's still selling there, although they did pull all of his auctions. He just put them back up.

      Anyway, here are some links of those Luts outfits and wigs, for those who wanted comparisons. You'll be able to see for yourselves just how cheaply made the ripoffs are compared to Luts's beautiful work. It's hard to find links to the Luts wigs/outfits, though, because most of them are no longer being sold (which could also explain why Releaserain has been selling for so long; no pics, no proof).


      The outfit whose name I couldn't remember, which is now discontinued by Luts. But I managed to find a picture in the Wigs section of the store.
      Copy / Original

      The Pink Inlace set, which is still actually being sold on the site.
      Copy / Original

      The limited Victorian dress. Unfortunately, it is no longer sold on Luts so I can't find any pictures of it there. But Releaserain is using the Luts store picture to advertise it (and it's clearly a Luts doll modeling it). And just below, you'll notice the cheaply made ripoff copy that they're actually selling.

      And here's another Luts set that is discontinued, which Releaserain also stole the store picture of, and placed a picture of their version of the outfit below it.

      DW-108 limited Luts wig in silver, which is also sold out. Releaserain is selling several different colors, but I could only find the silver one on the Luts site. The rest of the pics are pulled.
      Copy / Original

      KDW-17 (Gradiation wine), which I own. Out of stock on the Luts site. Oh, they're using the Luts pic of the MSD sized on the Kid Delf Ani to advertise the SD sized wig.
      Copy / Original

      DW-41 (cream) Still being sold on Luts. This is an SD sized wig, but Releaserain is selling it as MSD sized.
      Copy / Original

      And yet another Luts wig...
      Copy / Original

      And there are a few more yet, not to mention the wigs I've seen from Dream of Doll, including one that looks a whole lot like the limited wig that came with Elf Ducan.

      See? Very similar, huh?
    18. *kills computer* Sorry, doublepost. >_<
    19. Wow, I hate to see art (fashion) get ripped for resale too, but as far as copyright... not sure what the copyright laws are in Hong Kong so the seller might not be doing anything wrong legally even if s/he is morally. It's an insult already to rip off another design down to almost the exact details, but to use the original pictures aswell? That's terrible. I'm still not sure about calling them fraudulent as they do seem to deliver everything and do not appear to be out to scam people, but I do appreciate knowing about their moral practices and design theft.

      I wouldn't be so iffy on their wigs if they'd actually photograph their own hand made product on one of their dolls rather than stealing the pictures from luts. There are pretty common wig designs that seem to pop up in several different companies (heck I've had 3 different wigs from dollmore, leekeworld, and dod that were almost exactly the same...), so I wouldn't condem them so much for "copying" the wigs as for re-using pictures that do not belong to them as that could be misleading to a potential buyer.

      If they start taking and using their own pictures of their wigs, then I might consider buying them as I see wigs of the same design, all the time, everywhere... be it volks or leekeworld or dollheart or anywhere else. But as it is currently, it just feels too dishonest with those stolen pictures there. As for the outfits... I don't think I would buy them whether they take their own pics or not.