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Ebayer Onsumla?

May 21, 2006

    1. Hi,
      I know this seller has nothing but good feedback, and I also received a product earlier from him/her, which I got about within 14 days after auction ended.
      Though the problem is, I won a can of Mister Super Clear at the 24th of April, when I contacted him/her after 2 weeks about the shipment he/she said the post office bounced it back and that he/she send it to me again about a week ago (at that time) Right now it's almost a month ago, and there has still no MSC arrived... Does anyone know anything more about this ebayer? Or anything that I could do to try and track the package down? Or why it's taking so long?
    2. I have bought pastels and MSC from onsumnia and had no problem. I don't remember how long it took. However, I think there are problems mailing MSC, so perhaps that is why the PO bounced it back. But it sounds like a week or two passed after 4/24 before the product was resent. Perhaps you could send a message and ask when it was shipped out for the second time and ask for an expected arrival date--or if the package can be tracked.
    3. I ordered some eyes and received them in 1-2 weeks I think. No problems. I really dunno what to tell you about the mishap. It could be because it's an aeresol can and the PO gets testy about that stuff, especially for airmail on the planes.
    4. I already sent him/her 2 mails, got replied that he/she didn't remember the date it was sent again, but that it had to be here by now. His/her id on the whole thing whas that it probably got lost in the mail and that it probably would take a couple of days extra, though I'm the kind of person that starts worrying about things easily, as I wanted to redo my boys face-up for the meet-up (which was yesterday) so it's kind of a bummer it didn't arrived in time.. Anyone got any id how I may get to know where the package is and what is taking it so long to arrive?
    5. Same thing happened with me, except I got mine a few days after he/she said the PO sent it back to them.

      I'd keep emailing (not constantly tho XD ) just to see what's up! ^_^
    6. Yeah, the fact that it's MSC may have caused a delay somewhere...last time I inquired about it, my post office told me that it can't be sent at all, even ground...I sent some to someone anyway and it came out all right, but now I've stopped since I don't want to push my luck. Sometimes the ebay 'companies' will send you a replacement if your item never reaches you - maybe onsumla counts. Hope it works out...
    7. Ok, I sent her an email again, stating it still hasn't arrived and it's been exactly a month now.. She stated she could get me some MSC (none UV cut) for about half the price, but I really need the one with UV cut, since my boy goes outside a lot, and I would hate him yellowing.. + I simply don't have any money atm. >.< this so sucks, think I'm gonna call the post office again to hear if they know anything and I hope I still get it, though it doesn't look like it ;__;
    8. Why the Post Office bounced it back, I have no idea, but I see you live in Europe - that's probably why it takes a long time. I'm pretty sure Onsumla uses ground mail from Hong Kong (?) for MSC orders.