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Echo Town 1/4 Discussion

Sep 5, 2016

    1. #1 Chamalam, Sep 5, 2016
      Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
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    2. Why are you doing this to me??? I was happy, that There is no doll I want right now. And than I saw this thread.
      Hmm. Buying from Taobao, you usually need some agent.
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    3. Did you use Google translate? If you are using Chrome as the browser, it should work, but only for the text not the pictures.

      You'll most likely need an agent to do the transaction for you if you're buying anything on Taobao. I have no experience with this because I send it to my uncle, and I've never bought a doll from Taobao yet ^^;

      I can translate Ygritte's page for you. It'll go from top to bottom, but my Chinese is a bit rusty, so I can't guarantee that the translation is 100% accurate. This post will be very long xD

      肤色 means skin color, in the selection box it gives you two options for this: the one on the left is pure white skin and on the right it's echo color (based on picture). It basically means normal skin, and there's a skin comparison on the bottom of the page with DiM where Echo is on the left and DiM on the right. Echo normal skin has a pink undertone, so it'll be on the pinker side of normal skins (pretty much when compared to Volks). The photo was taken in natural light.

      Underneath the skin selection, it's the payment. There's two part to this, kind of like a layaway? On the left is the first payment and on the right is the second/last payment. I don't think you'll need to worry about this since I'm assuming that you're using an agent. So I'll just translate the important parts to let you understand the gist of it.

      Total fee: 1780 RMB
      Fist payment: 500 RMB
      Second/last payment: 1280 RMB (pay before they ship the doll)

      The price includes:
      One nude doll
      A pair of glass eyes (random color)
      A pair of heel feet
      An Echo box
      A serial number (One serial number per doll)

      Takes 45 working days to be sent out.
      If you need make up, it takes 7 more working days.

      *The alpaca wig is grown in a natural environment, so it's quality isn't stable, we decided to stop giving it out as a gift (for orders after August 31, 2016), we'll gift a heat resistant wig that was tailored for our ladies' head circumference, please wait for it's arrival.

      *If you need faceup please buy it in a separate listing, adding faceup will extend the wait time by 7 more days (If the faceup gets dirty, simply take it off, and it'll return back to normal.

      More pictures will be posted on my Weibo: LuuusiQ

      Thanks for looking!

      1. After each doll comes back from the factory, it'll be sent to be sanded (seam sanding?), then assembled, and other jobs like restringing. Each doll will be checked before shipping.
      2. If there's any questions concerning the quality, it includes but is not limited to cracks caused during shipping, and obvious holes (bubbles?), please contact our customer service after receiving the package within 7 days to solve the problem, we won't take it after seven days.

      The photo of the measurements are pretty self explanatory so I won't translate it, but I just want to add that the feet length is 5.5cm since it's not int he picture.

      That's pretty much it for the description, hope I helped :)
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    4. Thank you for your translation :D This is very interesting doll :love
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    5. Thank you SO much!! This is an enormous help!! I really am tempted to get an Ygritte! She is so gorgeous and the bodies have the look of a popovy in miniature! I have bought from taobao once before as part of a group order but I wasnt the one doing all the stuff so I don't know what I'm doing really haha
    6. @Maryian @Chamalam No problem! I'm glad that it helped you guys :)

      @Chamalam You're right! The style really reminds me of Popovy, Serenade, and many other artist dolls. It's simply gorgeous :D Shopping through Taobao seems pretty easy if you find an agent, otherwise not many people would buy stuff there internationally xD There's many guides for Taobao too, so check out some Youtube videos since they might be able to help.
    7. Love these girls! They are gorgeous. Those bodies are amazing!
    8. They look really lovely, now I have another doll to add to my wishlist. *_*
    9. Stacey's Pink Ocean is now an official Dealer for them^^ They cost $392 USD plus EMS shipping and ship wihin 3-4 months of production time. I want to know if they'll sell the body separately eventually. :'D
    10. Sorry to butt in here. I've been eyeing Aya since I discovered that Echo Town was offering preorders a few months ago. After looking around it seems strange to me that these lovely dolls are going for as low as $195 to as high as almost $400 on several different sites now. Previously I could only find her on Taobao. Maybe it's newbish of me, but is there a reason that her price has inflated so much through the dealer? I know most dealers have a certain range of markup that they can or will do on company dolls, but this one seems crazy steep. *_*
    11. Really love them, especially Aya. The body reminds me of popovy a bit, but I am guessing this style is kinda popular now. I may order it from Taobao at some point
    12. Wow! These are very pretty dolls!
    13. So Stacey's replied to me about the body. They do not sell separately, but they also informed me that the proportions are not that of a normal 1/4 doll AT ALL and putting an msd head from another company on one would look very off, so they warned me against trying.
    14. I wanted to see what they look like compared to other willowy bodies, so I made a small collage here, for anyone interested.
    15. Thank you for the collage!
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    16. Thank you for the collage!!!
      I myself have been eyeing Ygritte. Not sure why there is such a difference in price on between taobao and Stacy's.

      I have messaged the artist myself and spoke to her about buying directly from her.
      She takes paypal and the price of the doll is $380 usd + shipping. I have yet to hear back from Echotown regarding payment plans and such~
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    17. Not sure either. On taobao the doll seems to be about $240, not including shopping service fees (which is about 10%) more, plus shipping. I would guess it would be about $270 in total, plus shipping to me. Since Stacy's is also located in China, I very much doubt I would save on shipping by ordering from them.
    18. I caved in and ordered one. It will take a long time to arrive, now with the chinese new year, but I will post pics when I get her
    19. Oh congrats!!! Did you order her from Taobao?

      I ordered a Ygritte for myself as well~!!
    20. @fansea Yeah, through Taobao. What about you? Congrats!