New Doll [Echo Town ]New Dolls Aya,Delores,Pepper &Ygritte**Stacy's Pink Ocean**

Nov 7, 2017

    1. Hi dear,

      Echo Town released two new dolls Delores & Pepper, and whole new looks Aya &Ygritte.
      Order before Dec.25: you can get a SPO Qipao(Random) with the doll .If you order more than one girl,every girl can get a Qipao.

      There are only 7 normal pink dolls in stock.The first 7 customers needn't wait.^^





      New body(the artist improved the body,whole new body and quality)

      Sale page:

      We accept layaway.
      Thanks for attention!
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    2. Will any of the clothing, wigs or shoes be made available for purchase? Also, Pepper is only $49 on your website.
    3. You can buy DZ 1/4 size clothes for them.The wig is 5-6inch.The studio will sell some clothes and shoes in the next month step by step.
      Thank the price is correct.^^
    4. Hi!

      I am confused about the feet options. The way I understand it, the high heel feet are the default, and the flat feet have to be purchased separately. Is that correct?

      The page for each doll reads:

      Basic Price Includes:
      -Basic Doll
      -High-heel feet

      -A pair of glass eyes(random)
      -Birth Card

      * There is only nomal pink color.
      *Face up:+55USD
      Body blushing:+85USD
      Flat heel feet:+29USD(Please pay them via USD1 on the website)
      *Wig :5-6inch.

      Thank you very much!

      Edited to add: will these dolls be available in the future? For example, will they ever be available in white skin? Thank you!
    5. Hi,yes,if you don't buy the falt feet,there are only high heel feet with the doll.
      Now,there are only 7 dolls in stock.if you order the doll,maybe you needn't wait for 4 month.
      You only can choose pink or tanned skin tone.The artist said she wouldn't sell normal yellow or white skin doll in the future.Normal pink skin is the most beautiful skin according to practice.^^
    6. There are last 7 dolls in stock before 1st.Dec.You needn't wait.