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Eden Doll Workshop

Apr 25, 2008

    1. I wanna make an order from Eden Workshop but my mum is asking me whether the company is trustable or not. So, anyone purchase from Eden before? I would like to know some review from buyers too.

      Link : http://www.edendoll.com/

      I need to settle my payment in these 2 days. Help please :o
    2. Hello, Jewel.

      I have purchased from Eden Doll many times and they are indeed trust worthy. They ship quickly and even have an option for a discounted shipping, depending on what you order. They're very good with customer service and everytime I have made an inquiry with them they always responded within a time frame that was less than twenty-four hours. You should be advised, however, that if you are ordering Dollzone clothes from them, that you could be waiting a while since they order clothes from Dollzone per order and do not have any in stock.

      For example, I ordered a Dollzone dress from Eden on December 26th, 2007 and I did not receive it until well into March of 2008. This, of course is through no fault of Eden as they have their own line of clothes in stock and shipped the dress I ordered from them out right away. Dollzone items in general are going to take a long time to arrive, as they have been backed up for several months and are trying very hard to catch up. So if you need something from Dollzone, I'd suggest looking at the Junkyspot since Emory only puts up items on the website that he has on hand and in stock. That would reduce some of the wait time for you.

      I hope this helps a bit. :)

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    3. I ordered my DZ Mo from them and they are fantastic to work with! I got their custom ($20) faceup service and they did the most fantastic job on it. It is by far the best faceup on any of my dolls and it was exactly what I wanted. And this wasn't an easy faceup, either - Fire red eyebrows, purple eyelids, thick lower lashes, pale lips... they even gave him dark red eyelashes instead of brown to match his wig. ^_^
    4. I've ordered from Eden Doll through Ebay before and haven't had any problems. They're a bit slow, but I chalk that up to them being in Hong Kong and me in the US...it's bound to take a while!
    5. I ordered my Mo from Edendoll too and ordered have other things from them as well. Definately a really good experience. I sent them a photo of a doll I've seen before saying I want the colour used for that face up, details on how the eye brows etc. Although the face up was really beautiful, sadly after a year the eyebrows needed to be removed and my boy needs a new faceup ^^ (don't worry about it, i just personally want a change.)

      They are really helpful and really nice, I was looking for a wig in a particular colour once, it was sold out on their site and although they weren't going to restock it anymore, when they found the last one of that colour they messaged me and kept it for me especially. I couldn't thank them enough!