"Edgy" Male Doll Sculpts/Companies

Jul 10, 2020

    1. I don't really know how else to word myself here, I think "edgy" is the correct word. I see that a lot of male dolls look really elegant and almost "feminine" (at least to me), but I don't see a lot of sculpts that have a more masculine, edgy feel to them.

      My best example for the closest thing I'm looking for would be Immortality of Soul sculpts. They came out with their Count of Monte Cristo doll recently and I love him, but he only comes in grey skin, and I want something NS with similar features. Anybody know of other specific sculpts, or companies that might have something similar?
    2. Honestly it's going to depend on what you consider elegant and "feminine". Give me a few examples (Besides the count) and I can definitely help you out. Honestly it may come down to the face up. With the right face up the sculpt can be brought out to look pretty masculine. For now my best recommendations is Jack and Albert from Telesthesia.
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    3. I think the word you're looking for might be 'rugged'?

      What about the boys from Granado or Iplehouse (esp. their 'men' sculpts)?
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    4. Chiseled and well defined works too and terms of facial features
    5. Iplehouse definitely has some pretty realistic men heads! So you may check them.
      Even Dollshe has some, but they go more on the “cute” side. They are more realistic than other sculpts tho, if that’s what you are searching for!
      In general, I would say that chinese companies are probably not what you are searching for, cause they mostly do the “cute boy” kind of faces (some have nice manly sculpts tho). I think korean companies are the ones that offer more “manly” sculpts
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    6. Conarium has some nice rugged sculpts!
    7. As I perceive it and see it, that feeling you call “edgy” is inherent to male doll faces with a veil of pure masculine magnetism, sometimes with a sharp but not coarse facial features. A few examples of such sculpts I list below.

      - Ringdoll’s Leo Yama, Padro and K;
      - Charm Doll guys Sean, Dunn and Ethan.
      Ethan is just :nosebleed for me, but yet I have Dollshe Grown Hound with almost the same mood, so I'm already screwed here...
      - Human versions of De’Ath and Higos by Universe Doll.
    8. Impldoll has some gorgeous masculine men! I love that company too much haha.
    9. Dollnoize and rugged realism have some incredible beefy chiseled bois❤
    10. For me most of the LLT boys (Ahaz, Ludwig etc) have a rugged/edgy energy to them. Ringdoll K. Iplehouse guys. But it depends what it is you like about the Count. He still has an 'unrealistic' vibe (is based on an anime character after all) but not cutesy, and has very narrowed eyes... For me the narrow/small eyes stand out a lot, that's maybe not so common among other male dolls hmmm. :huh?: