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EDIT: supia ordering periods?

Feb 4, 2009

    1. me no want to make a new thread. XD
      anyone knows how long do the supia ordering periods last/how often they open them?
      thank you in advance... :sweat
    2. You can get them, but tan resin is not offered in every Supia ordering period. You'd just need to wait and see, or contact the dealer and ask when it will be available. So if you have a chance to buy one now, and you can afford it, I suggest you go for it.
    3. thank you so much <3
      fhew, i really feel better now. it's that i really really love tan dolls, and i was worried i could never get one with the mold i like @__@
    4. [moved question in the first post.] XD
    5. bumping my questionXD
    6. Hi there~~

      Supia is reforming itself with a new manager replacing artist Yu Jin Kim, who I have worked with for several years. Please wait for them to re-organize and there will be more information.

      : - )
    7. thank you very much for the info <3