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Eep! CosWorx....

Jan 27, 2008

    1. I dunno is this is the right place to post this.. But I'm kinda tweaking out. xD -spazzes out really easily- ANYWHo.. So yeah, I was gonna buy a pair of kitty ears.. But forgot what size I needed to get. *_* Oh haha, yeah, He's MSD.
    2. On the site itself :sweat http://cosworx.com/product.php?productid=26200&cat=2414&page=1

      "All sizes can be worn by both 60cm and 45cm dolls. Large looks best on SD sized dolls, but looks cutely super-deformed on MSD size dolls. Small looks best on MSD sized dolls or petite on larger ones. Medium looks great on all types. For tiny ball-joint dolls like YO-SD, the small size looks amazing. These suggestions are just a guideline, feel free to experiment with a look that suits your doll best! "
    3. Oh jeez, no way?... Man, I really gotta start reaing stuff...
    4. Medium or small are probably best for MSDs. I find the large ones to be a little overwhelming even on my MSD Magie, who has a notoriously fat head. As for deciding between medium or small, that's a bit harder. The base of both the medium and small ears are really close to the same size, but the mediums are much taller than the smalls. If you want the ears short and dainty, go with the smalls. If you want them a bit more pointed and noticeable, go with the mediums.

      If you have any other questions about the ears, feel free to ask. I help cast the ears, so I know these things like the palm of my hand now!
    5. I so want to get a pair for my girl Yuna so she can be a kitty for halloween
    6. They took them off the website, tho. x_x