Eggs for Wishel Dolls

Nov 6, 2006

    1. I hope this is the right place to post this. I am not selling anything. I just found a nice place to get ostrich eggs to replace the plaster eggs our Wishels come in.

      Like many of you I wanted to save the egg my little angel Twinkle came in so I cut it open very carefully. Even being careful the egg is pretty fragile and has lots of plaster dust. I wanted to put hinges on it and decorate it to make a home for my little Twinkle. I got to thinking about an ostrich egg as a replacement. They are very sturdy (have to be for a 300 pound bird to sit on them). I found this lovely place with the nicest lady, Corrine, who is making me a couple of hinged ostrich eggs. You can buy them unhinged and uncut and do them yourself too, but be warned ostrich eggs are pretty tough. She has all sorts of stands and hinges and eggs (cut and uncut) for your decorating pleasure.

      Here is where to find them:
    2. Oh, wow! That's pretty neat! I'll have to look into that for Kohane.
    3. thats an awesome idea!
    4. Egg-cellent idea. (sorry, the pun was just there) The emu eggs are beautiful, just as they are. Wouldn't they be lovely with a silk pillow inside, very exotic.
    5. Yes the emu eggs are very nice and would be lovely with a silk pillow inside. I may end up ordering one for one of my other tinies. I sort of like the idea of my dollies having their own little egg nests.
    6. I like the emu eggs too looking at the size chart comparison to Ostritch egg the tinies should fit inside them snugly.

      thanks for sharing your find. i didn't know there was a place that sold the hinged undecorated eggs.

      I'll keep it in mind for Easter too
    7. Wow, this is a great idea, and I can't believe how beautiful the eggs are. Once Wishel finally decides to open up the custom dolls and I can order my lil devil, I am definately going to get an egg for him to live in :D Thanks for the awesome idea!
    8. I would've never though of something like this. Interesting idea!
    9. I used to do decorated eggs years ago and they are fascinating but at that time, you had to cut and hinge your own.

      You could hinge the egg your baby came in, if you wanted. Some of the craft stores carry tiny hinges.

      I don't really have a sense of how big the wishel eggs are but an Ostrich egg is BIG. Not quite as big as a basket ball but about like a small melon.

      I'm anxious to see what people do, though. I really want one of the My Wishels and I hope they get paypal straightened out soon.

    10. wow great idea! thanks for the linK!
    11. What a cute idea, and a great resource to share.
      I hope you'll share photos of the completed little egg-homes :D
    12. Neato! I have been looking for an egg-shaped case for my Unbeknown when s/he arrives, but never thought of using a real egg.

      I thought about using a L'eggs egg (EH-OH, my age is showing!), since they came in neat colors like black and silver. They can still occasionally be found on eBay, but they're only 4 1/2" tall & Wishels are around 5 1/2". Phooey.

      However, I found a place that offers 6-inch plastic ostrich eggs in 10-packs of assorted Easter pastels. Not sure how all the tiny future demons would feel about pink eggs, but maybe if you took a silver or gold paint pen & "engraved" some Mystick Symboles all over it.....

    13. They're ostrich egg big. My mom has a real ostrich egg and I'd say the wishel eggis a plaster casting of an ostrich egg
    14. What a clever idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration & link!