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[EgoProject: D.Cradle] New sculpt "Keath" + 2nd Ed Photos

Mar 3, 2008

    1. I'm very thrilled to introduce you my first original sculpt, "Keath".
      Please enjoy his photos ^^








      The first three photos are with a very soft face-up,
      and the rest is wearing a bit darker and stronger face-up
      to show how his image could vary.
      I personally like the first one though, he looks like my Suya's order brother. >_<
      (In the photos, he's on the Volks SD17 Boy Body and DZDoll 17 Boy Body.)

      (Just in case: The head is on sale only. No body,eyes,wig,or clothes!)


      Forgot to mention!!

      For the Second Edition which will be produced after the 1st edition is sold out, will be available in both Normal skin color and Snow White skin color. The skin colors will be set to the usual Volk's skin color.

      Thank you :)


      1st Editions are sold out! Thank you all ^_^
      The 2nd Editions will be on sale before the end of March~*


      Photos for 2nd Editions updated! (Posting a few here.)
      The face mold is same with the 1st Ed, just the inside is a bit changed.
      They are wearing the Beige and Blonde Default Wigs that you can choose one from or order both.
      10 Limited Face-up Versions available. (face-up similar to the photos below)
      They are total 50 Limited world-wide.




      Please visit http://ego-project.net/eng for more photos and order details.

      Thank you very much for your interest ^_^
    2. not sure if this question belongs here, but if you can just click the order button on the site, how are we supposed to know when they are all sold out?
    3. Gorgeous boy Pookie! :fangirl:
      Is not possible ordering makeup with this head in the future?
    4. it says this at the bottom of the order page:

      (+) Minor notification, I'm not accepting face-up commissions at this moment;
      It would be great if I could give a special face-up to every Keath but
      my airbrush compressor had died on me last week at the end of doing his face-up.
      I've got to bring it to Volks and see if they can fix it.. So no face-up till then.
    5. Could we have a picture of the mold without makeup then?
    6. I'm checking selling status as often as I can!
      I'll let you know when the first editions are sold out. Thank you :) !

      I'll be updating them soon as well. Thank you~*
    7. Any idea when the second edition will be released?
    8. Thank you everyone for such wonderful compliments and interest! I'm in tears. *TuT*
      I've updated the no-face-up & inside-the-head photos as well.



      I'll be updating his naked photos with Volks 17 Boy Body soon as well!
      (and then with DZdoll 17 Boy Body tomorrow, SD13 Boy Body in the weekend..etc)

      Thank you very much :)
    9. Just a quick question: Above, you quote the price as $150 including shipping, on the website it saus $150 plus shipping - is the included shipping a promotional thing, or is one of them a mistake?

      Thank you, and he is beautiful! :D
    10. It is including shipping as kind of a promotion for the 1st edition.
      But shouldn't have written that way on the on the first page to cause a confusion! All fixed now >_<;
    11. Can you do the makeup on the head?

    12. I'm very sorry but my airbrush is unavailable at this moment. I wish I could have!
      (Although, if I get to fix my compressor before the 2nd editions are produced, I may have another special edition with a face-up done^^)
    13. The 2nd editions are out, and for sale now. <3
      -> Click click <-

      It seems that there are 50 heads in total, and limited number of 10 available with face-ups.
      Also the skin color and mechanics are slightly adjusted, and white skin is for option, as Pookie promised.

      I'm so excited about this~! Last time I missed my change to purchase one while my cc had issues, but now I bought one of the face-upped heads immediately when I noticed the updates on the site. ;3
    14. Thank you Rowney for the update ^^
      Here I've updated some more photos wearing the default wigs!


      The Default Face-up will be similar to this :


      If you want the face-up to be slightly changed
      (i.e. little bit darker, or giving few beauty marks, etc) is also capable.

      More photos updated in the Gallery :)

    15. This might be a strange question, but would it be possible for people who bought the 1st editions to buy the default wigs? I really like them... ^_^;;
    16. Kiyakotari//
      Oh I'm so sorry ! I've decided for them to be sold only with the head because the EMS shipping fee would be too expensive compared to the single price of the wig. However there are other shipping options like Airmail or registered mail. I don't know how much they'd cost though. But pretty sure they'll be less expensive than EMS. They will take longer time though. I'll visit the post office and find out exactly how much they cost and etc :)
    17. Pookie, great news that you accept light requests for the face-ups.
      I actually sent you an e-mail regarding the same matter, and that example sound so much like my request. X3
      But I never got a reply for my mail, and was slightly concerned about this. ;_;
      Would you rather have inquires to your e-mail address at pookiekun@gmail.com or as a PM in the forums?

      Also I'm curious if you'll send a shipping announcement and tracking number when you ship the heads?
    18. Any update on when the 2nd edition heads are going to be shipping? The website still says the third week of April, but I haven't gotten a notice yet, and I think I was among the first to order a blank 2nd edition head....
      I'm anxiously awaiting my boy! :kitty1
    19. ummm those glasses....where did you get them at, and his face is lovely...one of them would fit my char...if i didn't already got him in my hands