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EgoProject : MyDolls sculpt - Yeon by Psyche

Mar 14, 2008

    1. Wow! What a gorgeous girl! And she matches volks resin! Well anyway, she is gorgeous and I can't wait to see owner pics!
    2. Very pretty, she reminds me of a more delicate F-16 : )
    3. When I saw the mold, it also reminded me of F-16 or Chris! Ahhhh. Such a pretty mold.

      I hope the second run of the head isn't so soon, so I can get money to get one!
    4. I got one! Pictures will be posted once he's here and all face-upped.
    5. I am so incredibly happy that Psyche is sculpting again! :fangirl: I was worried that the "X" head was going to be her first and last project. I think the new head is a cutie! :aheartbea
    6. Oops I'm so sorry but this Psyche is a different person from the one who made the "X" head >_<;; My friend Psyche, her nick-name is actually Psyche-lim(a chinese character meaning "forest").
      Now she's thinking of changing her nick-name though >3<;
    7. Oh, I missed her! Darn it. I really like this head. I'll have to keep an eye out for the second edition. ^_^
    8. wow I love this sculpt! must keep an eye for the second edition

      PancakeGenocide, you are so lucky :) can't wait to see your own pictures
    9. OH! :o

      I'm so sorry for assuming your friend is the same person! It is very confusing though. The first doll maker named Psyche only sculpted one head "X", but some doll collectors accused her of copying another head and treated her very badly until she stopped making the head and she's never made another one. :( I've seen the "X" head side by side with the one she was accused of copying and there is no resemblance at all, so I think she was attacked unfairly. Because of the controversy, I'm not sure if your friend will want to be confused with her.
    10. The sculpt is so pretty. I wouldn't mind picking one up sometime soon.
    11. New photos of "Yeon".




      Ego Project "Yeon" head with Volks 13 SD Boy body
    12. Ahhh, I really, really want one. I can't wait until the second edition!
    13. it so dang lovely, i might just go ahead a modified one of my boy to fit this character teehee
    14. HOMG.

      Ahem. Yeah. I'm so going to get one. In LOVE, I tell you. Pure love. I already know who she's going to be. Hooo, boy.
    15. Any news? It's the 24th now, and I've been stalking both the English and Korean versions of the Ego Project site and not seen anything... I'm really, really excited to get a Yeon head! :love I've had money set aside ever since I didn't see the notice in time to buy one of the original three. :roll:
    16. I just ordered one today. ^_^ Now to find a body! ^_^
    17. I've got a body here and waiting already - I just hope the head fits on it, when it arrives! The body is a bit on the petite side, but the head looked too small (IMHO) on the SD13 boy body, and pretty much spot-on for the SD13 girl body, so... **crosses fingers**