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El Back in stock

Jun 18, 2005

    1. Hey guys

      I was just at Eluts. El is back in stock and it looks like there is 4 left. Go get him guys.

    2. I was just going to post this! Still available. Guess most of the US customers are asleep, lol. It's almost funny, because I don't really want a regular El, but am debating on buying him and then selling him if someone else wants him.
    3. Oh man!!! :( *pines*

      If only my credit card had sent my statement on time so I could pay it and still probably not afford to get him.... :cry:
    4. now out of stock again... boy, he goes fast, then, eh? oh, well... *he will re-stock, he will re-stock* hee hee
    5. I only have 30 bucks, so I wonder how long he will be "in stock". Do they ever discontinue unlimiteds?