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El restocked

Aug 13, 2005

    1. get him quick!
    2. And there he goes! :o
    3. lol... I checked at 9.10am my time and he'd gone.... :?
    4. El special is out of stock, but the regular El is still instock.

    5. interesting... normal/reg el was out of stock that time i checked...
    6. Is it really necessary to have a thousand 'El/Lishe/whatever is in stock!1' threads? Especially when this is supposed to be a forum for announcements about new dolls/makers/dolpas? >_>
    7. Well considering that it's been a bit tough to catch the CP boys and girls in stock, I don't see the harm in letting people that might have their hearts set on a certain doll know that their time has come!! *trumpet fanfare*

      CP dolls being in stock IS news lately. lol As much as I love them, they must really be getting blasted with orders or something to be out of stock as often and for as long as they are now.
    8. yes i suppose so. :grin: other wise i wouldnt have bothered posting. :roll: A LOT of people want him and Luts hasnt been keeping up with demand. The people who are stalking the site to get him would be grateful for a heads up. :wink: remember be nice! :grin: :wink:
    9. yea agree... my friend was grateful.. as she got one because of a heads up like this.. as the Stock goes so fast... El by looks of it has been in and out of stock in last 24 hrs... all good all good...

    10. Eh, I feel ya. Hopefully as Korea comes out of summer and bad dollmaking conditions, the dolls won't be so scarce on the site and people won't feel so panicky about getting 'em.
    11. Oh, please don't do this. Please. These eluts announcements have truly helped several members here obtain their precious doll(s)! There are only so many times you can reload the luts page before you wander hopelessly away...this sort of announcement makes a difference!

      I cannot imagine how a single thread detracts from your ability to read the rest of the topics in peace. Perhaps folks should bump old "in stock" threads or mods should delete Luts "in stock" threads the next day as we all know they aren't in stock that long!!! Regardless, keep the In Stock threads coming!
    12. I think bump older threads it's a good idea, or maybe make a sticky? ^^
      we really have lots of Luts restock threads here :lol:
    13. They dissapear into page oblivion too fast i think :oops: and by the time someone finds it...they'll be gone..

      i refreshed and EL-SPECIAL!!! was in stock...clicked refresh like..2 minutes later and..POOF this item is GONE :o
    14. I agree. It explicitly states in the rules that this is a forum for news on new dolls only. I don't think that announcements on stocks of Luts dolls should be allowed to bend this rule just because they are popular. :roll: Either the rule should be abolished, or people should start following it/posting this kind of news somewhere else. :grin:
    15. ...so why not ask the mods if a "Stock Update" topic would be possible? All of these posts could just go there, and anyone that's been waiting for a certain doll to be in stock could just go there? Stopping these posts would be ridiculous, since as a few others have mentioned, dolls have been obtained with the help of these. And everyone that just can't stand going through the extra few topics (because news really only has five or six topics going at any given time anyway...), doesn't have to.
    16. Indeed!

      NOw.... Being that this topic has achived its purpose it can be deleted or people can just ignore it until it fades into the pages. My intent on posting this was to help people get their dolls. In the past i read multiple restocked posts here. Im sorry to have assumed this was the correct course of action. :roll: However intead of complaining about my ignorance you could be helpful and kindly point out where i SHOULD have posted my topic. Being its apparently "not here". LoL. :wink:

      Im happy that i helped!
    17. *patpat* Sorry, forgot how thin people's skin is here. I'm tired of these in general, not just this particular one.

      As for helping people get their dolls, I'm afraid I don't have much sympathy if you simply get discouraged about checking Luts's site and wander away. >_> When I wanted Nai's body, I simply patiently kept checking the site, refreshing the page until there it was in stock... And out of stock again the instant I finished buying it. And that was just a body, not an El or whoever that will fly out of stock again even faster. :lol:

      Basically my point is, if you really want the doll that badly, you're not waiting for one of these threads to pop up, you're actually taking the steps and putting in the time and effort to make sure that you actually will get it. If you're not willing to go to the effort for that one special doll... Er, you may be better off looking elsewhere for a different doll? Some people look for years for that one elusive limited that's captured their heart. Is it that hard to wait a couple of weeks? >_>

      As for a place for these, eh. I'd rather see them in the appropriate size forum, or in Marketplace - Dolls.

      That or the previously mentioned 'sticky' ideas. It's not that bad right now, but I've seen six or seven 'El in stock!' posts on the first page of this forum before, and it gets annoying. No, I don't have to read them, but I still see them. ^__^

      And back on needing one of these, I got my El when he randomly happened to be in stock one morning back in May. Basically, people will still get their Els, these threads or no.

      But despite what people apparently think, I'm not trying to be a ***** trying to keep people from getting their El. :roll:

      You want it these days, you work for it, especially since by the time these get posted he's already out of stock again.
    18. ..I think the reason these threads are so good to have is because a lot of people here have very busy lives in general and thats not even counting jobs to go to and come back from on a daily basis....Life is hectic in and busy for a lot of us here and we dont have time to keep checking over and over and over.....so to just hop online for a few moments and notice a thread like this is so wonderful.....I'm not personally looking to get an El but I have a friend who is and she's so busy lately that she rarely gets to check eluts and only hops on this board about once a night before bed.....

      just my two cents.....
    19. I suggested a Stock Update thread to aimee..never heard back. I dunno. I do think it would be a good idea. One stop stock check ya know. XD Dont have to breeze through the news section to see if the doll you like is in stock.

      Uh yeah. We're so OT right now. XD
    20. El Special in stock tonight- hurry there are 4 left!!! :grin: