Elderly bjd Dolls

Apr 23, 2021

    1. I've done searches for bjds of the elderly and have had no luck. I would love to have a grandma doll. Does anyone know of anyplace that makes them?
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    2. Older large-scale dolls are pretty much unheard-of, except as individually-modified dolls. The oldest-looking commercial sculpt I can remember seeing was one named Margo. (HappyDoll was the company, I think? It's been years, so I'm uncertain of the brand-) She seemed to be solidly middle-aged.

      You can get a more middle-aged look with some of IpleHouse and Granado's guys, too, but that really comes down to how they're painted.

      The only really old-folks sculpts that come to mind are Dream High's little gnomes and house elves.
      DreamHigh Studio Store
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    3. Zun/ Otherside Dolls — her Dione makes an adorable Granny, or Baba Yaga. You’d have to find her in the second-hand market though.
      Dione - Otherside
    4. Thanks guys! I know the faceup would help but wrinkles and sags and all that stuff really need to be sculpted. Maybe someday... :)
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    5. Nope, but I have seen faceups that give dolls a really good aged appearance. Maybe start with your favorite sculpt and body and then have an artist age it for you.
    6. There was a head on Etsy a while back that was an old woman....I think maybe she had elf ears?? I thought she was SD sized but I'm not 100% sure on that.
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    7. I feel like I’ve seen a Unidoll Ark or two given a faceup to look older. With all of the frowny expression lines it’s a suitable base.

      Impldoll Nicolas, usually styled as a ruggedly handsome guy who’s not elderly but might be middle aged, has a lot of sculptural detail that could be painted to create the aged appearance of sagging skin, jowls and wrinkles if someone wanted him to look old.

      There was also a modified...i think Volks Eden by @armeleia (?) who had wrinkles and other details carved in to be elderly but I can’t find any photos.

      You might e talking about Cedarheart Lilian? She’s definitely older looking than average and I believe she was specifically sculpted to fit the artist’s character described as being “older”, which I took to mean middle aged (to me she looks in her 50s). She’s a great head. Very well sculpted, and for OP’s topic I’m sure someone could make her look elderly versus middle age with the right face up. I have one, just waiting for the right body.
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    8. That was it! With the name I found pics Untitled

      Weirdly I was thinking of a different doll owned by someone who had had it modded to look older and I had the two confused. But Lilian was the one I was looking for. She'd definitely age up easily.
    9. Lilian might make a good grandma!
    10. Les Enfants Terribles has two older male sculpts, and I just checked their site — on the project page it says there's an older female doll in the works, too, but I'm not sure how recent that is?