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Eldoll Rainy Soah or Sooah who's your favourite?

Dec 31, 2006

    1. Hi!

      I just can't make up my mind, which one do you like best, Soah or Sooah? One looks younger the other more mature. One looks more oriental... I definitely want one of them next, the face sculpts are just gorgeous... the question is... Which one? :lol:

      I'm getting a Drem of doll Lahoo, do you think one of them would look better with him than the other?

      Let me know what you think :)
    2. Well, I love Soah's sweet Asian features which is why I bought my beloved Shiori!



      But I like Sooah too, she is very beautiful. If I were to get a second Rainydoll I'd probably get Sooah.

      Good luck with your choice! :daisy
    3. I'll be greedy and say both ;)
    4. Soah was definately the right girl for me. She's so different looking than most sculpts. An Asian BJD that LOOKS Asian lol

      My Imari.
    5. I prefer Soah too :3... Sooah kind of looks like um... a not so kind but really sophisticated fashion model imho ^^; so I prefer Soah's innocent look...
    6. Gosh I like both of them, but if Elfdoll ever made a tanned Soah I'm sunk! Although, over all I think I like Soah just a tad more than Sooah, since she does look more innocent. I love their asian features alot. :) I think Soah would look lovely with a Lahoo!
    7. I actually like sooah better. I like dolls with fuller lips. To me soah just kinda fades into the background. i havent seen one yet that really stands out. She gives off a quiet personality that I tend to overlook really easily...I like the bolder dolls that stand out a bit more
    8. Sooah~~Sooah~~~
      She is a special girl~^-^
    9. I agree with all of you...

      I think soah looks a bit more "original", she's beautiful and peaceful looking... I especially like the photos I've seen of her on sassystrawberry.com. But on the other hand I must admit that Sooah seems to be more versatile, I think a lot of looks wouldn't be appropriate for a soah but would look great on sooah, especially more mature or dark looks... But feel free to prove me wrong if you have pictures of a soah you'd like to share :lol:

      Anyway... I still can't decided... what a dillema :doh
    10. Well, Sooah Stole my heart and introduced me to the BJD world. But they are both absolutely Breath taking moulds:love I guess for me it comes down wheather you want your girl to seem sweet or a little ticked off:sweat Soah has the sweetest Head Mould ever, while Sooah Has more of a Sexy sweetness to her. I've heard that Sooah is a combination between ElfDoll's two first Ladies, She has the Sweetness of Soah and the Sexiness of Ryung. Either way, you can't go wrong with the Ladies of ElfDoll, Rainman has some of the most beautiful head Moulds in the BJD World;) Here are some pictures of my Girls, Sorry for the Spaming:sweat, but I hope they help;)

      Evangeline (ElfDoll Sooah)

      (ElfDoll White Skin Soah Believe it or not;))

      And in her Afghans
    11. I would have said Sooah without hesitating... until I saw the Soah pictures here. Now, I can't choose. *_*
    12. Ok I lied. Brielle stands out just fine, and is very very pretty :D
    13. I really liked Sooah best from her pictures. And when I saw her in person she's the first doll that looks in person just like she does in photos. But Soah looks much better in person than in her photos, and it was enough of a difference that I went with Soah. I do not think she will look innocent and youthful when I'm done with her. (I don't like sweet and innocent girls.)

      But Sooah is very beautiful and will be following Soah shortly.
    14. Awww thank you sweetie;) Trust me, I felt the same way until I came across Brielle. I had no Idea Soah was so Versatile, and in my Opinion she (Soah) is 10000X more Versatile then Sooah. I love Evangeline, but I couldn't imagine her in anything but her default face up. I've never seen a Sooah repaint that has absolutely Taken my Breath away (Well, except Cristy Stone's:sweat Wow that girl is gorgeous), but I've seen so many Gorgeous Custome Soahs. Especially on this thread;)

    15. Same here!!!

      Brielle is just awesome... she looks SOOO different...

      I'm even more confused now :lol:
    16. I am definitely a soah lover
    17. I wonder how soon Elfdoll will restock. Just about everything's OUT OF STOCK in their store. :shudder
    18. I use to think Sooah until I did a face up on this Soah..now I think I prefer Soah. She's more versatile..and Sooah's can sometimes look cranky! heehee

      BTW, Anthony..The dress on Evangaline is divine!!

      <img src=http://www.thedollpage2.com/photopost/data/500/402s9sml.jpg>

      <img src= http://www.thedollpage2.com/photopost/data/500/402s16sml.jpg>
    19. Opps..sorry..don't know what happened with the pics??
    20. Here are the pics of my Soah commission......