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Update Eleanore's Cabinet - New Collection!

Mar 27, 2011

    1. Eleanore's Cabinet

      Eleanores's Cabinet is a Lolita Clothing shop for BJD, located in Sweden​


      There is a new collection of clothing, it's called:
      Lovely Eleanore Collection
      The new collection is only in Minifee size!​

      New basic-items for MSD
      Lolita Socks and Petticoats.​

      I hope you like it! ^^​

      /Cecilia ~
      Eleanore's Cabinet
    2. I love your work. Will you ever offer SD size in the future? Good luck with sales, you're very talented!
    3. Yes, I just got my first SD-girl so i have plans to sell SD-clothing next month! ^^