Element Doll

Aug 7, 2020

    1. Heyo, I just received my two 1/6 sized Element Doll heads and they're beyond cute. They come with faceplates, somewhat like fairyland! They're so unique and quirky. Has anyone gotten any?? I can't find anything on here about them yet.
    2. I can't find them on Google. Do you have a link?
    3. I've been eyeing them ever since Clover Singing became a dealer. I have C on my wishlist now. I'd love to see more body options for them but I'm leaning towards a Dollzone or Pipos body for when I eventually get one. >u<
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    4. Element Dolls yosd dolls are incredibly cute. If you have Chinese social media app, you can find a lot of photos of them since they're getting so much attention in China. And congrat on your new dolls, I'd love to see your update on them :XD:
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    5. The mod team just finished reviewing the ElementDoll/Small Wonder heads (it appears they only make heads, not bodies). They are on topic.
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    6. I got their Pumpkin head last year and have it on a DollZone Body. I went through Taobao then.

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    7. Dollzone bodies look great with them! The heads are sized to look better on YOSD but the neck holes are big enough for MSD I think.
      I'll be sending mine to my friend in Australia to do their faceups when all the post has gone back to normal one day (hopefully)
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      Here's a link to their IG page. There is an official dealer who is now selling them. Look up Clover Singing!
    9. So which colour in the DZ bods look best with Element doll NS, does anyone know??
    10. So I did get a C head but he's currently away for faceup. When he comes back I'll post pics of him on a 2D doll body for reference. :>
    11. Say, do any of y'all know how to get one of the 1/8 heads?

      EDIT: Never mind, I went through an agent and bought a Mini-C off of Taobao. I just hope the order goes through before the period ends.
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    12. I got my C head back from the artist and they're all done up! Still deciding who they are, or even what gender, but for now I'm calling them Apple or Loki. Wig and eyes are temp until I decide more.

      I honestly don't know if this body is on topic here. It's by 2D doll and is made of PVC, they only produced these bodies for a very short time. But I put resin Myou hands on it as well.
      Here's a pic for reference.

      Color-wise it's not a bad match but the faceplate is blushed a bit so it looks more off. I don't know if this body matches the 2D resin colors though.
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    13. My head is on its way to the agent! Can't wait!
    14. I've really fallen in love with my C head. This little one is now officially named Loki and I recently put them on a new body too! Here's a WS Element Doll head on a NS Luts Honey Delf body. (The head is pretty heavily blushed and matches NS better than WS now.) Wig is temp while I'm still in the process of making a new one.
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    15. My head arrived! It made it from China to here in three days.


      What a patootie! And I had no idea I was getting eyes. I'm holding out till the shipping situation stabilizes to get a body, but for now I'll attempt to attach her to an off topic body. She'll be a little halfling friend for my goblin!
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    16. I emailed Space Studio about a similar question and this is what they said:

      From left to right:
      Obitsu white - Dollzone white
      Mia white - Dollzone pink white
      Obitsu Normal - Dollzone pink Normal
      Cocoa - Dollzone pale tan

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    17. I've looked high ad low for info on Space Studio BJD.

      Their website/store - Space Studio BJD - is hosted by Shopify under the account name space-studio-bjd.myshopify.com. Their e-commerce website was registered on June 1, 2021. I don't know if that means they just started operating on that day or if they were in operation on some other platform. Again, not much on their site.

      Since I can't find much info on them (next to none except for the above) I'm guessing they just started. Maybe not. Anyway, looks like folks have ordered from them. Did things go smoothly for you?
    18. My head was ordered from Clover Singing, who still has a couple of the Element Doll heads listed and offers free shipping. But I'm also curious about those who have ordered via Space Studios. They did just sort of popped up out of nowhere one day.

      Also Loki got a proper wig now. He likes long flowy things and long hair suits the cute face. This is a Monique Gold in 6-7" size (but I added some hot glue onto his head because it kept slipping off due to weight). I also trimmed the bangs, sides, and bottom of this wig.
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