Element Doll

Aug 7, 2020

    1. Heyo, I just received my two 1/6 sized Element Doll heads and they're beyond cute. They come with faceplates, somewhat like fairyland! They're so unique and quirky. Has anyone gotten any?? I can't find anything on here about them yet.
    2. I can't find them on Google. Do you have a link?
    3. I've been eyeing them ever since Clover Singing became a dealer. I have C on my wishlist now. I'd love to see more body options for them but I'm leaning towards a Dollzone or Pipos body for when I eventually get one. >u<
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    4. Element Dolls yosd dolls are incredibly cute. If you have Chinese social media app, you can find a lot of photos of them since they're getting so much attention in China. And congrat on your new dolls, I'd love to see your update on them :XD:
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    5. The mod team just finished reviewing the ElementDoll/Small Wonder heads (it appears they only make heads, not bodies). They are on topic.
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    6. I got their Pumpkin head last year and have it on a DollZone Body. I went through Taobao then.

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    7. Dollzone bodies look great with them! The heads are sized to look better on YOSD but the neck holes are big enough for MSD I think.
      I'll be sending mine to my friend in Australia to do their faceups when all the post has gone back to normal one day (hopefully)
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      Here's a link to their IG page. There is an official dealer who is now selling them. Look up Clover Singing!