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Elemental Guardians Iple House!!!!

Nov 15, 2010

    1. Warning: Naked baby girl parts!

      Here's the general body pics for those who can't see them.



      EDIT: Iplehouse just put up the measurements for the girl body.

      Body size
      * Height : 26 cm
      * Weight : 0.25kg
      * Circumference of head : 17 cm (6.7 inch)
      * Circumference of neck : 6.7cm
      * Circumference of chest : 14.1cm
      * Width of shoulder : 6 cm
      * Length of arm : 8 cm
      * From elbow to wrist : 4 cm
      * Circumference of wrist : 3.8 cm
      * Circumference of arm : 5 cm
      * Circumference of waist : 13 cm
      * Circumference of hip : 14.6 cm
      * Circumference of thigh : 8.4 cm
      * From waist to tiptoe : 12.5 cm
      * From knee to ankle : 5.4 cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 4.4 cm
      * Length of foot : 4 cm
    2. I just noticed Iplehouse gave more information about BIDs:

    3. The teaser photos are up!
    4. Iple just annouced a change to how it's selling the Elemental Guardians:

      Hello, this is Iple House

      We have been selling Elemental Guardians (Byuri and Naias) with the quantity limited way. And we've got many opinions regarding Elemental Guardians from customers and then we realized many customers has not been satisfied with this selling way. Therefore, we have decided to change the selling process for Elemental Guardians. The items will be offered as various choices, not full option.

      Color Choice - 3 colors depending on dolls.
      Gender Choice- Boy or girl
      Parts Choice- Basic parts (wig, wing, shoes and fairy baton)
      Outfit Choice - Items related to outfits

      We have changed selling method from quantity limited way to period limited.

      (Dec.06,2010 to Jan. 09. 2011)

      These dolls can be purchased only in Elemental Guardians. And if you'd like to order these dolls as basic, you can make an order for only dolls. (Not choose any option)
      Please make sure that the dolls cannot be sold if the selling period is finished.

      And we can show you only one color which is regarded as best for [Elemental Guardians]. We are afraid that we cannot give you other color photos.

      Furthermore, we have a plan to sell fairy parts except outfits by CDS in the future.

      However, we'd like to inform you that the parts would be cheaper when you purchase with Elemental Guardians dolls.

      With regards to the Event Head, it will be offered to only the customers who choose all options (fairy parts and outfits).

      Wig and cape will be offered for all customers who order during event period.

      We will do our best to give you good service.

      Thank you for your interest and supports on Iple House. ^_^