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Elf Doll by 'Rainman' - English Site Open

Aug 23, 2004

    1. Announcing 'Elf Doll'.
      You will love these tiny dolls. They are resin cast 14cm ball-jointed dolls by the renowned Korean sculptor 'Rainman'.


      The new English Site is now open:


      To stay up on new additions to the shop please join the following group:


      Dolly Paradise is working on getting some of the most exclusive dolly clothes and accessories for you SD and MSD included in the shop from artists all around the world.

      Thank you,

    2. I love the sweet dreams face, gaaah!

      Thanks for posting this link!!

      i do have a question though...do they come with the seams sanded off?
    3. Actually that is a question that I will ask tonight when i talk to them. They are 14 hours ahead so I have to wait. hehe. Good question though.

    4. :D Those are so cute. They're a tad small for my taste, but they'd make perfect little companions for Ichiro.
      ... unfortunaltly, they're only $50 less than him, so chances are he'd end up with another sibling instead. :|